An Introduction to Pet Dental Care

For Veterinary Technicians and Nurses

November 2021
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  • Published
    4th November 2021
  • ISBN 9781789248869
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Periodontal disease is one of the most common diseases observed by small animal practitioners, and it is not uncommon for the veterinary technician to be the first line in oral health assessment and treatment. Despite this, current dentistry training for veterinary technicians and nurses is often very limited.

This book explains the causes, consequences, prevention and treatment of pet dental diseases including periodontal disease, fractured teeth, tooth resorption, dental malocclusions, oral masses, jaw fractures, and other oral conditions. It covers:

  • Instruction in essential skills such as dental cleaning, charting, radiography, and equipment maintenance.
  • Advanced skills such as the administration of regional nerve blocks and periodontal treatments.
  • The aetiology and treatment of common oral conditions.
Improving competence in veterinary dental skills benefits technicians, veterinary practices, owners and their pets. Explaining pet dental diseases in a relatable way, this book allows veterinary staff to relay important dental information to pet owners in a way they understand. Providing solutions to help prevent and manage pet dental diseases, it outlines treatment options, outcomes, and post-operative dental care.

1: More Than Just Bad Breath: Periodontal Disease
2: Comprehensive Oral Health Assessment and Treatment (COHAT), Dental Instrument Use and Maintenance
3: Dental Essentials: Dental Charting, Dental Radiography, and Pain Management
4: If It’s Broke, Fix it! Tooth Fractures, Discoloured Teeth, Abrasion, and Attrition
5: The Hole Problem: Tooth Resorption and Caries
6: Out of Place: Malocclusions
7: Lumps and Bumps: Oral Masses and Cysts
8: Seeing Red: Stomatitis, Feline Juvenile Gingivitis, and Contact Mucositis
9: Bad to the Bone: Jaw Fractures, TMJ Luxation, Avulsed and Luxated Teeth
10: Common Dental Problems of Rabbits, Rodents, and Other Small Mammals
11: Gaining Client Compliance, Dental Estimates, and the Dangers of Anaesthesia-Free Dentistry
12: Admitting, Preparing, and Recovering Dental Patients; A Day in the Life of a Pet Receiving a COHAT
13: Sending Them Home: Postoperative Care
14: How to Brush the Teeth of Dogs and Cats: Developing Dental Homecare Programs
15: Understanding the Science Behind Dental Homecare Products
16: Advocating for Pet Dental Health

Kathy Istace

Kathy Istace graduated as a Veterinary Technologist in Saskatoon, SK in 1996. She has been employed at the VCA Canada Mayfield Animal Hospital in Edmonton, Alberta since 1999. In June 2006, she earned her specialty designation from the Academy of Veterinary Dental Technicians (AVDT), becoming the first Canadian Veterinary Technician Specialist in Dentistry, and also received the Alberta Animal Health Technologist of the Year Award in 2009. She has lectured and instructed dental wet labs throughout Canada and the United States, written and edited small animal dentistry articles for various veterinary technologist publications, contributed to the textbook Small Animal Dental Procedures for Veterinary Technicians and Nurses, and served on the AVDT credentials and examination committees. Her particular interests are dental radiography and exotic pet dentistry.

Periodontal disease; Toothbrushing; Oral care; Tooth resorption; Fractured tooth; Orthodontics; Dental prophylaxis; Complete Oral Health Assessment and Treatment; Veterinary dentistry