Leisure Activities in the Outdoors

Learning, Developing and Challenging

October 2021
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    25th October 2021
  • ISBN 9781789248203
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
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The benefits of being outdoors in a leisure context are widely acknowledged across a range of disciplinary perspectives (including tourism, therapeutics, education and recreation). These benefits include the development of: health and wellbeing; social skills; leadership and facilitation skills; personal, emotional and reflective abilities; confidence and identity creation.

Drawing on a variety of perspectives, geographies and approaches, this book explores the opportunities that leisure in the outdoors provides for learning, developing, and challenging. The authors in this collection challenge dominant discourses of outdoor leisure through their selection of outdoor activities, theoretical approaches, and modes of representation. All offer fresh insights and thinking into how leisure in the outdoors can be understood. The book covers a range of outdoor conceptualizations that challenge the reader to think deeply and broadly about the common threads which bind the broad field of outdoor leisure together. The experiences explored in this book range from suburban outdoors to wild places, surfing to mindful reflection, and trail walking to Nordic skiing, and encompass a broad spectrum of people.

This book will appeal to outdoor scholars from a variety of contexts, including recreation, tourism, and adventure. It provides:

  • original and leading research across layers of meaning attributed to and drawn from leisure experiences in the outdoors;
  • value in theorizing the notions of outdoor experiences;
  • a variety and scope of contexts and approaches for students to draw on when learning about the field of outdoor leisure.

Chapter 1: Introduction: Leisure activities in the outdoors.
Section 1: Outdoor leisure and wellbeing
Chapter 2: Understanding the diversity of recreational walking preferences and experiences: Casual and serious walkers in the English Lake District.
Chapter 3: Walking narratives in the outdoors: Traversing the thorny idea of healthy minds.
Chapter 4: Effects of a 5-day Nordic skiing camp on the individuals and on the group.
Chapter 5: Sharing the hero’s journey: Blog posts from the Appalachian Trail.
Section 2: Women and outdoor leisure
Chapter 6: A dialogue on asian women’s experiences in the outdoors.
Chapter 7: “We construct our worlds within these four walls”: Urban Indian women’s leisure constructions and social justice.
Chapter 8: Women's adventure guiding experiences: Challenges and opportunities.
Section 3: Outdoor leisure, children and families
Chapter 9: Theorizing family leisure in the outdoors and social connection.
Chapter 10: How bike riding kids talk about bike riding.
Chapter 11: Moving towards nature? Exploring progressive pathways to engage children and young people from disadvantaged backgrounds in nature-based activities.
Section 4: Facilitating and encouraging outdoor leisure
Chapter 12: A different way forward: An Ecological perspective on leadership in outdoor adventurous activity.
Chapter 13: Mindful place-based education for outdoor recreation programmers.
Chapter 14: Conclusions and Reflections

Mandi Baker

Dr. Mandi Baker is a Lecturer and Research Fellow at Torrens University Australia. Her research takes a special interest in organized outdoor experiences, youth, community development, employment and management practices, recreation and leisure. Her work explores the people skills, power relations, and emotion work of everyday employment experiences through post-structural theory to offer fresh insights and innovative solutions to employability, leadership and education.

Neil Carr

Professor Neil Carr is head of the Department of Tourism at the University of Otago and a former editor of Annals of Leisure Research. His research focuses on understanding behavior within tourism and leisure experiences, with a particular emphasis on children and families, sex, and animals. Since gaining his PhD from the University of Exeter he has worked at the University of Hertfordshire (UK), University of Queensland (Australia), and most recently the University of Otago (New Zealand).

Emma J. Stewart

Associate Professor Emma J. Stewart is co-Head of the Department of Tourism, Sport & Society at Lincoln University, New Zealand. She is on the editorial boards of the Journal of Sustainable Tourism, The Polar Journal, and Tourism in Marine Environments. Her research focuses on nature-based tourism; outdoor recreation experiences; environmental change and implications for communities, landscapes and the tourism sector. She has published over 50 peer reviewed journal articles and edited three books.

Leisure in the outdoors; outdoor recreation; experience in outdoor recreation; learning from outdoor recreation; development from outdoor recreation; self-development from outdoor recreation; challenge from outdoor recreation