Exploring the Leisure - Health Nexus

Pushing Global Boundaries

January 2023
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  • Published
    17th January 2023
  • ISBN 9781789248142
  • Language English
  • Pages 240 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

By exploring past, current, and future intersections between leisure and health, this book considers previous research and academic thought to reveal and critique the nuanced ways that leisure impacts health as well as considering how health professions use leisure as a "tool." Readers will be challenged to explore future intersections between leisure and health aided by the diverse chapters using an overarching eco (ecological/environmental), bio(biological), psycho (psychological), social (sociological) lens. Many of the chapters will include case-studies which consider developing leisure and health themes, particularly in relation to a number of emerging environmental, health and societal challenges that confront the world.

In addition the book:

  • is cross disciplinary and demonstrates non-individualized framing of health (as per the WHO definition) giving readers a unique opportunity to develop an understanding of frameworks, including ecobiopyschosocial, salutogenic, multi-species and criticalist.

  • moves readers from an individual level understanding of interconnections between leisure and health through to a consideration of global issues (including a section on the impact and consequences of Covid-19).
The book will be of significant interest to researchers/academics/practitioners in the leisure, health, sport, tourism, recreation, events, social science and arts disciplines.

Part 1: Population Groups and Identities
1: A Strengths and Hope Perspective on Leisure, Health and Physical Cultural Practices of Indigenous Women: Stories of Wellbeing from Canada and Australia
2: Disability and the Arts: Inclusive Practice for Health and Wellbeing
3: Broken Record: The Leisure/Health Nexus in Prison
4: Physical Activity, Meaning and Migrant Women: Understanding Leisure and Health Experiences
5: Leisure, Meaning and Experiences of Older People
6: When Laughter in Physical Activity Opens the Door to the Kingdom of Freedom: Danish Seniors on the Move Towards Improved Health
Part 2: New Framings of Health-Leisure or Leisure-Health
7: The Art of Being Healthy – How Recreational Arts Engagement Impacts Health and Wellbeing
8: Intersection Between Art and Health Evolution
9: Sport for Development and Health – Rethinking the Interconnections
10: Pets & People. Whose Leisure? Whose Health?
Part 3: Leisure and Health on a Global Scale
11: Leisure and the Environment: An Ecological Perspective on Well-Being
12: Climate Change, Leisure & Health: The Double Edge Sword of Leisure and the Environment
13: Conclusion, the Pandemic and Future Directions

Hazel Maxwell

Dr. Hazel Maxwell is a Senior Lecturer at the University of Tasmania in Australia. Her research and teaching focuses on physical activity, community sport, social inclusion and diversity management. Hazel is interested in issues concerning women and girls in sport and leisure contexts. She also has 20 years management and governance experience in a variety of leisure, health promotion and education settings in Australia and the UK.

Richard McGrath

Dr. Richard McGrath is a lecturer and researcher at the University of South Australia in the academic unit of Allied Health and Human Performance. Dr. McGrath’s interests cover a range of sociological aspects related to leisure, sport, recreation, the arts and health, particularly focusing on inclusive practices and community engagement.

Janette Young

Dr. Janette Young is a lecturer and researcher at the University of South Australia in the academic unit of Allied Health and Human Performance. Dr. Young is an established researcher in the field of human-animal relationships with a particular focus on the intersection and balancing of both human and animal needs, experiences, and rights. She has edited 2 books in this field and numerous chapters, peer reviewed journal articles and conference presentations, along with supervising multiple PhD and Honours projects. She is author or informant for a range of popular media articles and regularly invited to speak publicly in relation to humans’ relationships with pets. She is co-chair of Animal Therapies Ltd (SA) the Australian entity focused on advancing understanding, acceptance, and accessibility of animal-assisted interventions.

Nicole Peel

Dr. Nicole Peel is a Lecturer at Western Sydney University. Her research and teaching focuses on leisure and health, recreation therapy, creative approaches, and innovative solutions. Nicole is interested in how systems operate, and where the areas for change exist to optimize opportunities for healthy outcomes using leisure for marginalized individuals. Nicole has over 25 years of experience as a leisure practitioner and manager in varied governance roles across community and government settings.

leisure and health; leisure and well-being; exercise and health; sport and health; pets and health; gender and leisure; mental health and leisure; ethnicity and leisure; Impact of leisure on the Environment; art therapy; outdoor leisure and health; built environment and leisure; leisure and climate change; disability and inclusive leisure; LGBTQ discrimination in sport; ecobiopsychosocial