Women, Leisure and Tourism

Self-actualization and Empowerment through the Production and Consumption of Experience

January 2022
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    17th January 2022
  • ISBN 9781789247985
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Women, Leisure and Tourism provides a comprehensive discussion of women, leisure, and tourism through the lens of leisure production and consumption, both by women and for women. Specifically, this text includes a multi-cultural perspective to highlight the unique attributes leisure brings to women, the role of women in leisure entrepreneurship, and the creation of supportive, inclusive environments to enhance female well-being through the examination of these activities in often overlooked populations. The diversity of women's leisure and tourism practices is best perceived through the links between various leisure practices (e.g., sport, outdoor recreation, travel and tourism, learning, crafts, events, family leisure), as well as an understanding of leisure production across cultures and life stages. These chapters bring to the forefront many of the challenges inherent in providing leisure and tourism that support the diverse needs of women, as well as a look at female innovation that is also often overlooked in leisure research. The book includes examples of both applied and conceptual chapters from global perspectives in academic studies. This book:

  • Is written by multi-disciplinary authors.
  • Includes case studies, research methodologies and pedagogical approaches to highlight the complexity of gender studies and provides a diverse toolkit to support further research on women and gender.
  • Presents applied and conceptual chapters from global perspectives in academic studies.
This book is valuable for academics and graduate students of tourism, leisure and gender studies.

1: An examination of female exceptionalism in early leisure placemaking activities
2: Masculinity & moral licensing in the locker room: A critical analysis of culture, gender and leisure
3: Sport for women in later life
4: History and identity: Female vendors at a Renaissance Festival
5: By her own hand: Creativity, crafts and commerce
6: Creating a culture of consent for event tourism
7: Older women and leisure
8: Nonformal learning participation as leisure for Syrian refugee women in Turkey
9: Running away or running toward? Pilgrimage as a source of women’s leisure
10: The online life of gamer women
11: A netnographic study on Chinese women’s guimi travel experiences
12: Queens on the go: An Africana woman scholar and traveler experience
13: Women and leisure in the Italian context
14: Towards an understanding of Indian women’s construction of leisure
15: Conclusion

Linda J. Ingram

Linda J. Ingram teaches sustainable tourism development and global issues in tourism at George Mason University. Research interests include environmental and cultural sustainability, historic preservation, gender studies, sense of place, material culture, and tourism. She has published in several journals and her first edited book, Neolocalism and tourism: Understanding a global movement, is in process.

Klára Tarkó

Klára Tarkó is a Sociologist and teaches English and Physics. Since 2000 she has focused on minority studies and lifestyle research. She leads a practice-based education in health promotion and minority studies. She was project coordinator and sub-program coordinator of EU funded teaching material development projects. She is the head of the Health Promoting Minority Coordinator postgraduate and in-service training. She teaches foreign students at several European universities.

Susan L. Slocum

Susan L. Slocum teaches at George Mason University and specializes in sustainable economic development through tourism and policy implementation at the regional and national level. Working with communities to enhance backward linkages between tourism and traditional industries, she has worked with rural communities in the US, UK, and indigenous populations in emerging tourism destinations in Tanzania. She has published 4 edited books and authored 2 books, including a textbook on food and agricultural tourism.

Female Gamers; Leisure decision-making; Self-actualization; Women tourists; leisure entrepreneurs