Small Animal Neuroanatomic Lesion Localization Practice Book

October 2022
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  • Published
    14th October
  • ISBN 9781789247923
  • Language English
  • Pages 224 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Neuroanatomic lesion localization - detecting where a neurologic problem arises - is key when presented with a dog or cat with signs of neurologic disease. The correct neuroanatomic lesion localization will drive veterinarians towards an appropriate list of differential diagnoses and help lead the client towards applicable diagnostic investigation. Neuroanatomic lesion localization is the first step when managing any pet with signs of neurologic disease. Despite its importance, it remains a challenge for veterinary students, residents, and practitioners in their daily practice.

Laid out in a case-based format and workbook style to guide the reader through neuroanatomic lesion localization, this book:

  • Covers the whole process from the animal's examination through to diagnosis;
  • Covers localizations of intercranial disease, spinal cord disease, neuromuscular disease and multifocal disease;
  • Provides blank practice sheets to encourage the reader to work through cases, testing and consolidating their knowledge multiple times.
Written by a team of eminent, international veterinary neurologists, this book is an invaluable resource for veterinary students and practitioners looking to expand their skills in veterinary neurology.

1: How to use this book
2: Introduction to the neurologic examination
3: Neuroanatomic Lesion Localization
4: Intracranial Disease
5: Spinal cord disease
6: Neuromuscular disease
7: Multifocal neuroanatomic lesion localization

Heidi Barnes Heller

Dr. Heidi Barnes Heller is a veterinary neurologist and neurosurgeon. Following a career both in practice and as clinical associate professor in academia, she opened Barnes Veterinary Speciality Services, LLC, in 2019. Dr. Barnes Heller has ongoing research investigating novel anti-seizure drugs, seizure monitoring, and clinical trials evaluating novel treatment applications for anti-seizure drugs.

neurology; neuroanatomic lesion localization; practice cases; case-based; veterinary; small animal; neurologic exam; lesion localization review; prosencephalon; peripheral cranial neuropathies; Spinal cord neuroanatomic lesion localization; Neuromuscular lesion localization; Multifocal neuroanatomic lesion localization