Strategic Event Leveraging

Models, Practices and Prospects

October 2021
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    26th October 2021
  • ISBN 9781789247855
  • Language English
  • Pages 152 pp.
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This book comprehensively describes, explains, critiques and refines our current perspectives of event leveraging and, in so doing, provides an analytic account of the subject area as a whole, as it concerns the strategic pursuit of attaining and magnifying benefits that derive from events. Encompassing all events including sport, cultural and business, it also covers all kinds of benefits that can be leveraged and lead to sustainability through triple-bottom-line assessment. The book takes an interdisciplinary approach to cross boundaries and creates linkages among the parent disciplines (sport management; events, hospitality and tourism; leisure studies, parks and recreation) and general disciplines (management, marketing, sociology, anthropology, urban and regional planning).

Written by an experienced author well-known in the field of event management and leveraging, this book:

  • Examines the art of event leveraging and contributes to the literature by refining pertinent theory.
  • Presents and explains theoretical models of event leveraging and emergent derivative frameworks.
  • Reveals major practices, issues and lessons from literature and case studies.
  • Integrates disciplinary applications of event leveraging to further refine the theoretical perspective through an interdisciplinary lens.
  • Develops a comprehensive outlook of event leveraging as a means to sustainability.
Building a truly global and transdisciplinary framework, the author provides direction and possibilities that can lead to new forms of leveraging, making this an excellent resource for researchers, practitioners and students interested in event management and policy, sport management, recreation and leisure, and hospitality, tourism and festival management.

1: Foundational Grounds of Event Leveraging

2: Models and Practices

3: Issues and Challenges

4: Tenets of Cross-leveraging

5: Prospects and Avenues

6: Archetypes and Patterns

Vassilios Ziakas

Dr. Vassilios Ziakas is an academician studying organizational sport and leisure policy at the regional, national and international levels. He undertakes conceptual and applied research across sport, leisure, tourism and event contexts focusing on the strategic management of relevant organizations as well as wider leveraging programs or initiatives intended to optimize benefits for sustainable community development. In doing so, his research adopts an interdisciplinary approach to examine theoretical and practical issues in the provision, delivery and evaluation of sport, leisure, and events. From this perspective, he also focuses particularly on exploring linkages among sport, tourism, leisure, and events through the employment of strategic planning and conception of community development projects aimed at enabling joint cross-sectoral initiatives and optimal program design, delivery and leveraging.

A comprehensive study on event leveraging; Grasping event leveraging as a new art; Executing event strategy; From impacts and legacy to strategic leveraging; Sustainability; Networks; Coordination; Collaboration; Knowledge transfer; State-of-the-art event leveraging