The Encyclopedia of Animal Nutrition Edition 2

May 2024
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    22nd May
  • ISBN 9781789247268
  • Language English
  • Pages 696 pp.
  • Size 8.62" x 10.86"

The Encyclopedia of Animal Nutrition covers animal nutrition across a wide range of disciplines, including physiology, biochemistry, veterinary medicine and feed technology. Through approximately 3000 entries ranging from short definitions to more discursive articles, it discusses and illuminates on all aspects of this important topic.

The book:
- Covers every type of animal managed in developing and developed countries, from livestock and companion animals to those commonly found in laboratories and zoos;
- Expands usual definitions of livestock to include farmed invertebrates such as honey bees and prawns, and animals of localized significance such as yaks, snakes, crocodiles, and asses;
- Addresses important societal topics in relation to nutrition, including welfare, environmental pollution, disease, resource use, and animal product quality.

Written by a global team of contributors and expert section editors, this book is an important resource for researchers, students and advisers of animal nutrition, as well as anyone interested in agriculture, veterinary science, zoology, physiology, equine science, and animal behavior.

Clive J. C. Phillips

Prof. Phillips was the first professor in animal welfare in Australia, taking up the position at the University of Queensland in 2003. In 2010 he established the on-line journal Animals, which focuses on the welfare and ethics of animals and is now the top ranking journal in the field. He also edits a book series on Animal Welfare and Nutrition, published by Springer. He currently chairs the Queensland Government's Animal Welfare Advisory Board and previously chaired the UK's Agriculture Ministry Bovine Tuberculosis husbandry review panel.

animal nutrition; animal product quality; animal disease; metabolic disease; pollution; animal welfare; farm animal nutrition; companion animal nutrition; zoo animals; invertebrates; ruminant nutrition; fish nutrition; bird nutrition; avian; nutrition; non-ruminants; bees; prawns