Veterinary Ethics in Practice

December 2020
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  • Published
    14th December 2020
  • ISBN 9781789247206
  • Language English
  • Pages 136 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Veterinary Ethics in Practice gives non-specialist veterinary professionals an introduction to ethics. It helps readers to think about, and discuss, ethical dilemmas and viewpoints faced by practitioners in their daily practice. The book:

  • Is an important primer and introduction to basic ethical dilemmas
  • Helps improve ethical reasoning, through the use of numerous worked examples, leading to increased confidence in decisions and actions
  • Explains key ethical concepts and terminology making the subject easier to understand
  • Contains case studies which help bring real dilemmas to life.
With carefully crafted themes and problem cases in farm animal, companion animal, equine, wildlife, zoo and laboratory settings, the book provides an important yet concise and accessible introduction to moral decision-making in veterinary practice.

"Overall, this book is a quick and enjoyable read, offers insight on topics that are increasing contributors to ethical dilemmas, and provides readers with an opportunity to enhance their ethical literacy."


1: Introduction: What Veterinary Ethics Is (Not)
Part I: Understanding ethics in veterinary practice
2: Considering others
3: Considering ourselves
4: Considering our relationships
Part II: Developing ethical skills
5: Key ethical skills
Part III: Applying ethics to veterinary practice
6: Clinical veterinary practice
7: Veterinary education and research
8: Veterinary policy-making and enforcement
9: Veterinary campaigning

James W. Yeates, PhD

James W. Yeates, PhD is Chief Veterinary Officer of the RSPCA. He is a RCVS Specialist in animal welfare science, ethics and law, a European Diplomate of Animal welfare and behavioral medicine and a RCVS Diplomate in Animal welfare science, ethics and law. He has a BSc in Bioethics and a PhD in Veterinary Ethics. He has worked in private and charity practice, and in a university. He was Chair of the British Veterinary Association Ethics and Welfare Group.

Animal Science; Veterinary Medicine; Ethics; Veterinary dilemmas; Decision-making; Clinical reasoning; Philosophy; medical ethics; Veterinary ethics; Anthrozoology; Morality; Right; Wrong; Farm animal; Companion animal; Laboratory animal; Zoo animal; Wild animal; Decisions; Values; Law; Morals; Policymaking; Professionalism; Animal welfare