Conservation Agriculture in Africa

Climate Smart Agricultural Development

February 2022
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    15th February 2022
  • ISBN 9781789245745
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Tillage agriculture has led to wide-spread soil and ecosystem degradation globally, and more particularly in the developing regions. This is especially so in Africa where traditional agricultural practices have become unsustainable due to severe exploitation of natural resources with negative impacts on the environment. In addition, agriculture in Africa today faces major challenges including increased costs, climate change effects and a need for more sustainable production intensification methods.

Conservation (no-tillage) agriculture has emerged as a major alternative sustainable agriculture practice in Africa and has spread to many African countries in the past decade as more development and research has enabled its extension and uptake.

This landmark volume is based on the material presented at the Second Africa Congress on Conservation Agriculture which was held in Johannesburg, South Africa, 9-12 October 2018. The main theme of the Congress was "Making Climate Smart Agriculture Real in Africa with Conservation Agriculture: Supporting the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063." The Congress was aligned to mobilize stakeholders in all agriculture sectors to provide development support, impetus and direction to the vision and agenda for transforming African agriculture as set out by the Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063.

This book is aimed at all agricultural stakeholders in the public, private and civil sectors in Africa engaged in supporting the transformation of conventional tillage agriculture to Conservation Agriculture. This includes: researchers, academics, students, development stakeholders and policy makers as well as institutional libraries across the world.

Part 1: Making Climate Smart Agriculture Real in Africa
1: The Malabo Declaration and Agenda 2063: Making Climate Smart Agriculture Real with Conservation Agriculture in Africa. By Saidi Mkomwa, Amir Kassam, Martin Bwalya and Reynolds Shula.
2: Development of Climate Smart Agriculture in Africa. By Rachid Mrabet and Rachid Moussadek.
3: Climate Smart Agriculture for Africa: The Potential Role of Conservation Agriculture in Climate Smart Agriculture. By Emilio Gonzalez-Sanchez and Amir Kassam.
Part 2: Mainstreaming of Conservation Agriculture
4: Mainstreaming of the Conservation Agriculture paradigm in Africa. By Amir Kassam and Saidi Mkomwa.
5: Challenges and Approaches to Accelerating the Uptake of Conservation Agriculture in Africa and Europe. By Gotlieb Basch and Emilio Gonzalez-Sanchez.
6: Conservation Agriculture in the Southern Highlands of Tanzania: Learnings from Two Decades of Research for Development. By Richard Shetto, Saidi Mkomwa, Ndabhemeye Mulengera and Remmy Mwakimbwala.
7: Historical Review and Future Opportunities for Wider Scaling of Conservation Agriculture in Tunisia. By Hatem Cheikh M’hamed, Haithem Bahri, Mohamed Annabi, Aymen Frija and Zied Idoudi.
8: Assessing the Application and Practice of Conservation Agriculture in Malawi. By Trent Bunderson, Christian Thierfelder, Zwide Jere and RGK Museka.
Part 3: Research for Conservation Agriculture Systems Development
9: Research and Technology Development Needs for Scaling Up CA Systems, Practices and Innovations in Africa. By Joseph Mureithi, Saidi Mkomwa, Amir Kassam and Ngari Macharia.
10: Moving paradigms – Conservation Agriculture with Alternative Agronomics to Minimize Inputs. By Tom Goddard, Amir Kassam and Saidi Mkomwa.
11: Economic and Yield Comparisons of Different Crop and Crop-Pasture Production Systems. By Johann Strauss.
12: Livestock Integration in Conservation Agriculture. By Sjoerd Duiker and Nouhoun Zampaligre.
13: Enhancing Climate Resilience Using Stress Tolerant Maize in Conservation Agriculture in Southern Africa. By Peter Setimela, Isaiah Nyagumbo, Walter Mupangwa and Munyaradzi Mutenje.
14: Tillage Effect on Agronomic Efficiency of Nitrogen Under Rainfed Conditions of Tanzania. By Leonard Rusinamhodzi, James Njeru, John Sariah, Rama Ngatoluwa and Phlorentin Langwen.
15: Effect of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Properties and Maize Grain Yield in the Semi-Arid Laikipia County, Kenya. By Peter Kuria, Josiah Gitari, Saidi Mkomwa and Peter Waweru.
16: Increasing Adaptation to Climate Stress by Applying Conservation Agriculture in Southern Africa. By Christian Thierfelder and Peter Steward.
17: What Drives Small-scale Farmers to Adopt Conservation Agriculture Practices in Tanzania? By John Sariah and Frank Mmbando.
18: Impact of Conservation Agriculture on Soil Health: Lessons from the University of Fort Hare Trial. By Lindah Muzangwa, Isaac Gura, Sixolise Mcinga, Pearson Mnkeni and Cornelius Chiduza.
Part 4: Education and Training for Conservation Agriculture
19: Education and Training for Conservation Agriculture in Africa. By Saidi Mkomwa, Mloza Banda and Weldone Mutai.
20: Strengthening Conservation Agriculture Education in Africa. By Cary Clark, Amir Kassam, Saidi Mkomwa, Peter Kuria and Weldone Mutai.
21: Conservation Agriculture Innovation Systems Build Climate Resilience for Smallholder Farmers in South Africa. By Erna Kruger, Hendrik Smith, Phumzile Ngcobo, Mazwi Dlamini and Temakholo Mathebula.
22: Lessons Learnt from Concern Worldwide's Conservation Agriculture Interventions in Malawi and Zambia, 2010-2018. By Carl Wahl.
23: Development of Adaptive Training Materials for Conservation Agriculture Promotion in Africa. By Neil Miller, Putso Nyathi and Jean Twilingiyumukiza.
Part 5: Investing for Agricultural Transformation
24: Sustainable Agricultural Mechanization and Commercialization for Widespread Adoption of Conservation Agriculture Systems in Africa. By Josef Kienzle, Brian Sims and Weldone Mutai.
25: Centres of Excellence in Conservation Agriculture: Developing African Institutions for Sustainable Agricultural Development. By Saidi Mkomwa, Simon Lugandu, Ngari Macharia, Alexandra Bot and Weldone Mutai.
26: On-farm Experimentation for Scaling-out Conservation Agriculture Using an Innovation Systems’ Approach in the North West Province, South Africa. By Hendrik Smith, Gerhardus Trytsman and Andre A. Nel.
27: Conservation Agriculture for Climate Smart Agriculture in Smallholder Farming Systems in Kenya. By Alfred Micheni, Patrick Gicheru and Onesmos Kitonyo.
28: Conservation Agriculture for Smallholder Farmers in Rainfed and Irrigated Systems in the Eastern Indo-Gangetic Plain: Lessons Learned. By Enamul Haque, Richard Bell and Mohammad Jahiruddin.
29: Evaluation of the Technical Capacity of Artisans to Fabricate the Animal Powered Direct Seeder Super-Eco in Senegal. By Demba Diakhaté, Ibrahima Sarr, Dimas Soares Júnior, Michel Havard, Ricardo Ralisch and Alioune Fall.
Part 6: The Future
30: The Future: Towards Agenda 2063. By Martin Bwalya, Saidi Mkomwa, Simon Lugandu and Amir Kassam.

Saidi Mkomwa

Saidi Mkomwa is: (i) Executive Secretary and Chief Executive Officer of the African Conservation Tillage Network (ACT) since 2008, (ii) Member of the International Steering Committee hosting the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th World Conservation Agriculture Congresses, (iii) Member of the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of ICRAF’s Drylands Development Program (DRYDEV), since 2016, (iv) Registered professional member of the Engineers’ Registration Board of Tanzania, since 2002, and (v) Technical Secretary of the International Conservation Agriculture Advisory Panel for Africa (ICAAP-Africa).

Amir H. Kassam

Amir Kassam is: (i) Moderator of the FAO-hosted Global Platform for Conservation Agriculture Community of Practice (CA-CoP), (ii) Chairman of the International Conservation Agriculture Advisory Panel for Africa (ICAAP-Africa); (iii) Vice-Chairman of the Conservation Agriculture Association of the United Kingdom (CA-UK); (iv) a Member of the European Conservation Agriculture Federation (ECAF); (v) Visiting Professor in the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development, University of Reading, UK, where he teaches Conservation Agriculture; (vi) Convener of the Land Husbandry Group of the Tropical Agriculture Association (TAA), UK, Member of the Strategic Steering Group of the International Cryosphere Climate Initiative (ICCI), UNEP, and Board member of the Asian Center of Innovation for Sustainable Agriculture Intensification (ACISAI) at the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT), Bangkok.

Kassam is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Biology (UK), and a member of several international advisory committees, boards and panels. He is cited in several "Who is Who" in the UK and the USA. He has published widely. In 2005, Kassam was awarded an OBE in the Queen’s Honours List for services to tropical agriculture and to rural development.

no-tillage; conservation agriculture; sustainability; sustainable agriculture; soil structure; biodiversity; conservation; soil ecology