CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series Series


Values And Identities

December 2020
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    14th December 2020
  • ISBN 9781789245653
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Values-rich journeys can be described as pilgrimage, spiritual travel, personal heritage tourism, holistic tourism, and valuistic journeys. There are many motivations for undertaking values-rich journeys: the most important including personal values, personal and social identity, life experience, lifestyle, social and cultural influence. The main types of pilgrim journeys are traditional religious or spiritual journeys as well as secular journeys related with the expression of national, communal or personal identity, e.g. the journeys of sport and music fans. The manifestation of personal and social identity has different forms and rituals and constitutes different models of a specific behavior. The journeys are often embraced as potential instruments for life altering experiences. This book presents contributions that address pilgrim motivation, identity and values as they are shaped by the broader sociological, psychological, cultural and environmental perspectives, with a focus on travellers themselves and their inner world through the lens of their pilgrimage. The research presented focuses on the typology of pilgrim journeys as ways in which identity and values are presented to a post-modern consumer society, providing interesting and challenging perspectives on the identity of pilgrims in the 21st century.

1: Introduction: Motivation of The Pilgrimage Journey

Part I: Uncovering the Identity of Pilgrims
2: Expression of Identities in Pilgrim Journeys
3: The Connection Between Liminal Places and Hospitality in Manifesting Pilgrim Values and Identity
4: Changes in Motivations for Journeys to Death Spaces: The Case of Thanatourism
5: Pilgrims as Strangers

    Part II: On the Way to Santiago De Compostela
    6: The Timeline of the Way of St. James. Motivations and Impacts of the Pilgrimage on Personal Lives
    7: The Multiple Views on the Values and Identity of the Pilgrimage to Santiago
    8: Commensality, Communitas, and Contestation on the Camino Frances: Making Pilgrims Through Meals
    9: Identity, Social Practices and Values of The Pilgrims in The Portuguese Inner Way to Santiago De Compostela
      Part III: Pilgrims Values and Identities in Different Regions
      10: Pilgrimage and Tourism in Japan: Shift in Values and Motivation
      11: New Narratives in Valuistic Travel and Identity: Goshuin Culture and Religious Mobility in Contemporary Japan
      12: Contemporary Perspectives of Hindu Pilgrimage in India: The Experiential Exposition
      13: Modern Full-Sensory Experiences and Pilgrimage Fulfilment in Malta’s Ancient Temples
      14: New Forms of Pilgrimage: World Youth Day Rio 2013.
      15: Pilgrimage Traditions to Sacred Sites of Modern Central Asia
      16: Pilgrimage Tourism to Palestine: The ‘Come and See’ Initiative in Palestine
      17: Tourists vs Pilgrims: Dichotomy of Visits to Auschwitz Birkenau
      18: Tracking to a Pilgrim’s Beat: Insights from a Sabbatical Journey
        Part IV: Looking to The Future
        19: Contemporary Perspectives of Pilgrimage
        20: Conclusions. Pilgrimage During and After Pandemic Crisis

        Darius Liutikas, PhD

        Dr. Darius Liutikas has been a senior scientific researcher at the Lithuanian Social Research Centre (Vilnius) since 2009. His research interests include modern and traditional pilgrimage, sociology of tourism, anthropology of tourism, various forms of mobility, cultural tourism, sacred places and sacred spaces, and the geography of religions. Dr. Liutikas accomplished PhD studies in 2008 at Vilnius University. PhD thesis: "Traditional and modern pilgrimage as expression of values and identity in Lithuanian society.“ The author’s monograph about the manifestation of values and identity in the journeys was published in 2009 (in the Lithuanian language). He received the Grant for the Best Youth Scientist of Lithuania in the humanitarian and social fields in 2010 (Order No. 23 of 1 June 2010 of the Presidium of Lithuanian Academy of Sciences). Since 2008, he has published more than 30 articles in Lithuanian and international academic journals. He has prepared and published 5 books (3 in the Lithuanian language and 2 in English). He participated in more than 40 international scientific conferences as a guest speaker or speaker. In 2013, he received the best paper award at the International Conference on Religious Tourism and Tolerance in Konya, Turkey. Dr. Liutikas is a member of the editorial boards of the journal Creativity Studies (member of the editorial board since 2014), International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage (member of the editorial board since 2015), International Journal of Research in Sociology and Anthropology (member of the editorial board since 2015). He is the chairman of the Community of Lithuanian Pilgrims ( He has initiated and coordinated different projects on pilgrimage and religious tourism. He has been the project coordinator of various books, as well as the project coordinator on the DVD Pilgrimage Places in Lithuania (In 2012, 55 min. in Lithuanian language. Subtitles in English, Polish and Italian), and the project coordinator for the biennial show-contest of Lithuanian woodsmen sculptures Saints and Pilgrims (since 2009).

        Pilgrimage; religious tourism; secular pilgrimage; values and identity in travelling; valuistic journeys; motivation of travellers; tourist experience; rituals and symbols; pilgrims behaviour; perceptions of pilgrimage; sociology of travelling; perspectives of pilgrimage; gender and pilgrim identity; hosting communities’ participation; value deconstruction via tourism; culture and tourism motivation