Nutrition and Feeding of Organic Cattle Edition 2

July 2021
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    14th July 2021
  • ISBN 9781789245554
  • Language English
  • Pages 224 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Organic cattle farming is on the increase, with consumer demand for organic meat growing yearly. Beginning with an overview of the aims and principles behind organic cattle production, this book presents all-inclusive information about how to feed cattle so that the milk and meat produced meet organic standards, and provides a comprehensive summary of ruminant digestive processes and nutrition.

Since the publication of the first edition, global consumers have increasingly become concerned with the sustainability of meat production. Here, Robert Blair considers the interrelationships of sustainable practices and profitability of organic herds, reviewing how to improve forage production and quality, and minimizing the need for supplementary feeding using off-farm ingredients. This new edition also covers:

  • managing a declining supply of organic feed ingredients, due to increased GM feed crop cultivation worldwide;
  • current findings on appropriate breeds and grazing systems for forage-based organic production;
  • diet-related health issues in organic herds and the effects of organic production on meat and milk quality.
Required reading for animal science researchers and students interested in organic meat production, the book is also a useful resource for organic farming associations, veterinarians, and food industry personnel.

1: Introduction and Background

2: Aims and Principles of Organic Cattle Production

3: Elements of Cattle Nutrition

4: Ingredients for Organic Diets

5: Breeds for Organic Cattle Production

6: Breeds for Organic Production

7: Feeding Organic Cattle

8: Conclusions and Recommendations for the Future

Robert Blair

Professor Robert Blair is a recognized expert in animal nutrition and feeding, having served as a Principal Scientific Officer with the UK Agricultural Research Council; Director of Nutrition with Swift Canadian Company; Professor of Animal Science and Director, Prairie Swine Centre, University of Saskatchewan, Canada; and Professor and Head (later Professor Emeritus), Department of Animal Science, University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada. Professor Blair is a Past-President and Board Member of the World Association for Animal Production, Rome, Italy; Fellow of the Agricultural Institute of Canada; and a former Editor-in-Chief, Animal Feed Science and Technology, Elsevier, Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Currently he serves as a member of the International Expert Panel, International Centre for Research in Organic Food Systems, Tjele, Denmark and as a member of the Expert Database, EFSA (European Food Safety Authority), Parma, Italy.

animal science; animal nutrition; nutrition; organic; feeding; cattle; cows; ruminants; sustainable; sustainability; herd productivity; animal health