Tourism and Gender-based Violence

Challenging Inequalities

September 2020
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  • Published
    29th September 2020
  • ISBN 9781789243215
  • Language English
  • Pages 184 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Gender-based violence (GBV) in travel and tourism is embedded within wider social structures of gender inequalities and discrimination. Even though it is pertinent to study GBV in all its forms, this book focuses on the multiple and interconnected manifestations of violence that women/girls encounter in tourism consumption and production (physical, sexual, emotional or socio-economic), while seeking to open the debate on violence against sexual minorities (LGBT) and discussing men/boys as victims and perpetrators of GBV. By engaging in a critical exploration of the theoretical landscape of GBV and case studies on GBV and sexual harassment, the book adopts a multidisciplinary perspective drawing on feminist, intersectional and post-colonial frameworks, bringing together contributions from academics and practitioners across the globe.

1: Introducing Critical Debates on Gender-Based Violence in Tourism
2: Gender-Based Harassment Violence in Tourism Academia: Organisational Collusion, Coercion and Compliance
3: The Silenced Phenomenon: Sexual harassment in the Hospitality and Tourism Workplace
4: Labour Force Participation and Violence: A Research about Female Tourism Workers in Turkey
5: Sexual Harassment and Wellbeing in Tourism Workplaces: The Perspectives of Female Tour Guides
6: Trafficking in Human Beings in the Tourism Industry: Trends and Approaches
7: Embodying Gender and Risk: Mountain Bike Tourism in Mexico
8: An Autoethnography of Respectful Tourism: The Double-Bind of a Female Traveller in Morocco
9: “Danger Men” - Effects of a Post-Chauvinism Campaign Aimed at Tourists in Spain
10: #MeToo: A Feminist Hashtag Analysis of Gender-Based Violence Against Solo Female Travellers

Paola Vizcaino-Suárez

Paola Vizcaino-Suárez is at Bournemouth University, UK.  

Heather Jeffrey

Heather Jeffrey is at Middlesex University, Dubai.  

Claudia Eger

Claudia Eger is at Copenhagen Business School/MPP.  

harassment; coercion; wellbeing; human trafficking; female traveller; post-chauvinism; GBV; gender inequalities; discrimination