CABI Regional Tourism Series Series

Tourism Planning and Development in Latin America

August 2020
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  • Published
    3rd August 2020
  • ISBN 9781789243048
  • Language English
  • Pages 216 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Despite the significance of tourism to the economic, social and environmental structures of Central and South America, little has been documented in the English literature about tourism in this sub-region, which in terms of population size, ranks fourth in the world with 652 million inhabitants.

The first of its kind, this book focuses exclusively on tourism development, planning and their impacts in a wide number of Central and South American countries. It covers experiences, challenges, successful and unsuccessful stories, specific cases, and other tourism related issues of twelve countries in total. Each chapter is authored by scholars who have done extensive research on tourism in the countries covered.

1: Strategies for regional tourism development in Argentina. A path with new initiatives for tourism dispersal policies
2: The commitment to sustainable tourism and the development of indigenous tourism in Chile
3: Tourism development in Colombia: between conflict and peace
4: Ecotourism development in Costa Rica
5: The challenges of natural and cultural heritages of Galapagos and Quito, Ecuador
6: Tourism development in Mexico
7: Panama, the "affordable exotic destination": planned tourism success and its unplanned consequences
8: The impacts of tourism in economic growth and development in Uruguay
9: Peru and Nicaragua: tourism development in postconflict eras
10: Ecuador and Panama: Lifestyle mobilities, the golden years and the quest for paradise

Carlos Monterrubio

Carlos Monterrubio is at Universidad Autónoma del Estado de México, Mexico.

Konstantinos Andriotis, PhD

Dr. Konstantinos Andriotis is a Professor in Tourism at Middlesex University London and in the past he was Associate Professor and Head of the Hotel and Tourism Management Department, Faculty of Management and Economics at the Cyprus University of Technology. He holds an MSc in International Hospitality Management (University of Strathclyde, 1995), a PhD in Tourism Development and Planning (Bournemouth University, 2000) and a Post Doc in Tourism Marketing (Hellenic Open University, 2006). He edits the International Journal of Tourism Policy and the Qualitative Research in Tourism Journal. He is member of the Editorial Board of sixteen journals (including the leading tourism journal Annals of Tourism Research). He is author of seven books and over 40 peer reviewed articles and book chapters. His work has appeared in leading academic journals such as Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Tourism Management and Journal of Sustainable Tourism. He has an h-index of 29 and more than 3700 citations. He has acted as Chairman and member of the organizing and scientific committees of various international conferences, and he has given keynote speeches at several conferences. His research interests are in tourism development and planning, alternative forms of tourism and tourism experience.

Dimitrios Stylidis, PhD

Dimitrios Stylidis is Senior Lecturer in Tourism at Middlesex University London. Prior to this, he was a Postdoc Researcher and Visiting Lecturer at the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel. Dimitrios holds an MSc and PhD in tourism from the University of Surrey, U.K. His current research interests include place image and marketing, tourist destination image and behavior, tourism impacts and residents’ attitudes towards tourism development. His work has been published in several journals including Tourism Management, Annals of Tourism Research, Journal of Travel Research, Journal of Sustainable Tourism, and Journal of Travel and Tourism Marketing.

regional tourism development; indigenous tourism; Latin America; postconflict tourism; affordable exotic destination; sustainable tourism