Vietnam Tourism

Policies and Practices

March 2022
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    3rd March 2022
  • ISBN 9781789242782
  • Language English
  • Pages 224 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Vietnam has experienced rapid growth within its tourism industry during the past decades. This growth is part of Vietnam's open economy allowing a wide range of forms of tourism. Vietnam Tourism: Policies and Practices provides a comprehensive review of tourism development in Vietnam. Part I outlines the history of tourism, the role and involvement of public and private sectors in governance and planning, and the markets for tourism. Part II offers analysis and assessment of various types of tourism in Vietnam, including marine and island, eco, heritage, dark and community-based tourism. Part III centers on current operational issues of tourism, hotels and events.

The book provides an up-to-date analysis on Vietnamese tourism policy, structure, governance, and operations as well as various forms of tourism from both a theoretical and practical perspective by:

  • providing a comprehensive review in a single resource;
  • outlining public and private sector tourism;
  • addressing Vietnamese structure, governance and planning of tourism;
  • examining special interest tourism;
  • addressing current issues of industry's operations and management;
  • embracing local and global perspectives;
  • principles and practices applicable to Southeast Asia.

Written by scholars with extensive research experience on tourism in Vietnam this book is a reliable source of reference for students, researchers, and industry practitioners who are interested modern tourism specifically in Vietnam and Southeast Asia.

Chapter 1: Vietnam Tourism – A View from Within. Huong T. Bui and Giang T. Phi.
Chapter 2: The History and Evolution of Vietnam Tourism. Huong T. Bui and He T. Bui.
Chapter 3: Tourism Policy and Governance. Huong T. Bui, Long H. Pham, Thanh D. Tran, and Binh Nghiem-Phu.
Chapter 4: Tourism Planning in the Central Highlands. Thuy T. Duong, Tuan Q. Pham, Hai Q. Truong, Huong T. Bui, and Giang T. Phi.
Chapter 5: Marine and Island Tourism. Huong H. Do and Giang T. Phi
Chapter 6: Ecotourism in Forests and Protected Areas. Long Pham, Huong T. Bui, Huong H. Do, and Thomas Jones.
Chapter 7: Community-based Tourism: Challenges and Opportunities for Sustainable Development. Giang T. Phi and Long H. Pham
Chapter 8: Heritage Conservation and Tourism: The Present of the Past. Huong T. Bui, Andrew Le, and Thomas Jones
Chapter 9: Dark Tourism in the Former DMZ. Phuong M. Ngo and Huong T. Bui.
Chapter 10: Tour Operators: A Behavioral Approach to Implementation of Responsible Tourism. Quynh N. Bui, Giang T. Phi, and Andrew Le.
Chapter 11: Public Opinion on Quarantine Hotel: A Question of Corporate Social Responsibility. Binh Nghiem-Phu and Hang T.B Tran.
Chapter 12: Policies and Stakeholder Engagement in Cultural Events. Phuong-Anh Dang, Le-Anh Trinh, Giang T. Phi, and Huong T. Bui.
Chapter 13: Human Resources Management Practices in Tourism Industry. Thu G. Hoang, Huong H. Do, and Andrew Le.

Huong T. Bui

Huong T. Bui is an Associate Professor and a Field Leader of the Tourism and Hospitality Program of the College of Asia Pacific Studies, Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), Japan. She previously worked at Vietnam National University, Faculty of Tourism Studies. She was also the founder of the Faculty of Management and Tourism at Hanoi University (Vietnam) and visiting professor at the Department of Geography and Regional Research, the University of Vienna, Austria. She holds a PhD in Tourism Management from Griffith University (Australia). Huong Bui has received research grants from Japan Foundation and Japan Society for Promotion of Sciences (JSPS) on the topics of dark tourism and heritage tourism in Southeast Asia, and disaster risk management for the tourism sector in Asia from the Konosuke Matsushita Memorial Research Grant and JSPS. She published articles in leading journals with topics such as "Asian youth tourism," "Heritage conservation in Asia," "Educational dark tourism in Japan," and "Sustainable costal tourism in Vietnam." Huong Bui serves on the editorial board of the International Journal of Tourism Sciences and advisory board of the Austrian Journal of South-East Asian Studies (ASEAS). She worked in the tourism industry and was a consultant for tourism development projects in Southeast Asia for the World Bank, JICA and SNV prior to her career in academia.

Giang T. Phi

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Long H. Pham

Long H. Pham, Vietnam National University, Vietnam.

Huong H. Do

Huong H. Do, Saigon Technology University, Vietnam.

Andrew Le

Andrew Le, International College of Management Sydney, Australia.

Binh Nghiem-Phu

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Tourism in Southeast Asia; Tourism in Vietnam; European colonialization; Transition economy; Tourism governance; Hospitality industry; Heritage tourism; Dark tourism; Beach and island tourism; Ecotourism; Community-based tourism; Human resources; Tourism education; Volunteer tourism; Public and private sector; Domestic and international tourism