Events as a Strategic Marketing Tool Edition 2

May 2020
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Events have come to play an ever-growing role in marketing; by connecting products and services with experiences and vice versa, producers can create important added value. Events as a Strategic Marketing Tool, second edition describes how events can be used as a strategic tool in marketing practices.

Fully updated throughout, this new edition reviews the way organizations utilize events to connect with their visitors. It covers the development of the experience economy, the step from strategy to concept, event design and touchpoints. Written in an accessible style, it also considers the areas of marketing within which experiences play a role, such as branding, relationship marketing and city marketing. Concluding with a chapter on effect measurement and evaluation. Including a wealth of internationally relevant examples, it gives a thorough insight into the way events can help reach strategic marketing goals. It will provide an engaging resource for both students and professionals interested in leisure, tourism and events.

1: Introduction: Using Events as a Strategic Marketing Tool
2: Trends and Developments: Consumers’ Pursuit of Happiness
3: Event Marketing
4: Events and Customer Relationship Marketing
5: Events and Marketing Communication
6: Events and Branding
7: Events and City Marketing: The Role of Events in Cities
8: The Translation of Strategy into Concept
9: Touchpoints
Appendices to Chapter 9: Touchpoint Models for Trade Fairs and Corporate Events
Appendix 1: Touchpoint Model for Trade Fairs
Appendix 2: Touchpoint Model for Corporate Events
10: Effect Measurement and Evaluation
Appendices to Chapter 10: Effect Measurement and Evaluation
Appendix 1: The ROI Model of Jack Phillips
Appendix 2: Economic Impact Study – World

Dorothé Gerritsen

Dorothé Gerritsen is at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.

Ronald van Olderen

Ronald van Olderen is at NHTV Breda University of Applied Sciences, The Netherlands.