Planetary Health

Human Health in an Era of Global Environmental Change

Edited by Jennifer Cole
August 2019
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    8th August 2019
  • ISBN 9781789241648
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Planetary Health -- the idea that human health and the health of the environment are inextricably linked -- encourages the preservation and sustainability of natural systems for the benefit of human health. Drawing from disciplines such as public health, environmental science, evolutionary anthropology, welfare economics, geography, policy and organizational theory, it addresses the challenges of the modern world, where human health and well-being is threatened by increasing pollution and climate change.

A comprehensive publication covering key concepts in this emerging field, Planetary Health reviews ideas and approaches to the subject such as natural capital, ecological resilience, evolutionary biology, One Earth and transhumanism. It also sets out through case study chapters the main links between human health and environmental change, covering:

- Climate change, land use and waterborne infectious diseases.
- Sanitation, clean energy and fertilizer use.
- Trees, well-being and urban greening.
- Livestock, antibiotics and greenhouse gas emissions.

Providing an extensive overview of key theories and literature for academics and practitioners who are new to the field, this engaging and informative read also offers an important resource for students of a diverse range of subjects, including environmental sciences, animal sciences, geography and health.

Section 1: Introduction and Key Concepts
1: Introduction to Planetary Health
2: Key Concepts in Planetary Health
Section 2: Conceptual Frameworks for Planetary Health
3: The Evolutionary Biology Approach: A Natural Baseline for Human Health
4: The Natural Capital Approach: Opportunities and Challenges
5: The One Earth Approach: Planetary Health in an Era of Limits
6: The Transhuman Approach: Technoscience and Nature
Section 3: Human Health in an Era of Global Environmental Change
7: Trends in Human Health
8: The Demographic Transition
9: The Epidemiological Transition
10: The Ecological Transition
11: Agriculture: Land Use, Food Systems and Biodiversity
12: Urbanization, Living Standards and Sustainability
13: Energy Use, Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Global Warming
14: Environment Protection: a Key Tool for Planetary Health
15: Conclusions: Equity, Distribution and Planetary Health
Section 4: Case Studies of Planetary Health
16: Climate Change, Land Use and Waterborne Infectious Disease
17: Sanitation, Clean Energy and Fertilizer
18: Trees, Wellbeing and Urban Greening
19: Livestock, Antibiotics and GHG Emissions

Jennifer Cole

Jennifer Cole is Senior Research Fellow at University of Oxford, UK.