Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition Edition 3

March 2022
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    14th March 2022
  • ISBN 9781789241563
  • Language English
  • Pages 280 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

From alpha-galactosidases to xylanases, Enzymes in Farm Animal Nutrition provides a comprehensive guide to all aspects associated with enzyme-supplemented animal feeds. It details the history and size of the feed enzyme market, before describing how feed enzymes are manufactured and employed in monogastric, aqua and ruminant diets.

This new edition explores considerable advances such as the use of enzymes in fish and shrimp diets, new understanding of how phytases function in the animal, NSPase research and enzymes' extended use in ruminant markets. It also:

  • Provides comprehensive coverage of all topics relating to the production, use, and co-operativity and analysis of feed enzymes;
  • Is fully updated throughout, revealing significant developments such as new methods to deliver enzymes (formulations, encapsulations, and liquid spray systems) and advances in enzyme analysis;
  • Includes brand new chapters on combinations of enzymes, antibiotic free diets and how to measure response in feed enzyme trials.
Covering biochemistry, enzymology and characteristics relevant to animal feed use, this book forms a valuable resource for academics and students of animal nutrition and production, as well as professionals in the animal feed industry.

1: The Feed Enzyme Market in 2020 and Beyond. Ceinwen Evans and Hamish Irving
2: Feed Enzymes: Enzymology, Biochemistry and Production on an Industrial Scale. Jari Vehmanperä and Kari Juntunen
3: Xylanases and Cellulases: Relevance in Monogastric Nutrition – Pigs. John Patience, Qingyun Li and Amy Petry
4: Xylanases, ß-glucanases and Cellulases: their Relevance in Poultry Nutrition. Michael Bedford
5: Mannanase, Alpha-galactosidase and Pectinase. Minor Players or Yet To Be Exploited? Jason Lee and Kyle Brown
6: Starch and Protein Degrading Enzymes in Non-ruminant Animal Production. Aaron Cowieson
7: Phytases: Biochemistry, Enzymology and Characteristics Relevant to Animal Feed Use. Daniel Menezes Blackburn, Ralf Greiner and Ursula Konietzny
8: Phytases: Potential and limits of Phytate Destruction in the Digestive tract of Pigs and Poultry. Markus Rodehutscord, Vera Sommerfeld, Imke Kuhne and Mike Bedford
9: Current Knowledge and Future Opportunities for Ruminant Enzymes. Christine Rosser, Stephanie Terry, Ajay Badhan, Tim McAllister and Karen Beauchemin
10: Enzyme Use in Aquaculture. Gabriel Morales, Lorenzo Marquez, Adrian J. Hernandez and Francisco J. Moyano
11: Analysis of Enzymes, Principles and Challenges: Developments in Feed Enzyme Analysis. Noel Sheehan
12: Delivery and Stabilization of Enzymes in Animal Feed. Douglas Dale, Todd Becker, Michael Reichman and Sam Maurer
13: Poultry and Swine GI Systems Functionally Differ to Influence Feedstuff Digestion and Responses to Supplemental Enzymes. Edwin T. Moran Jr
14: The Influence of Feed Milling on the Stability of Feed Enzymes. Paul Steen
15: Enzymes and the Microbiome in the Post-antibiotic Era. Richard Ducatelle, Filip Van Immerseel, Venessa Eeckhaut and Evy Goossens
16: Parameters Impacting Responses in Animal Feed Enzyme Trials. Carrie Walk and Milan Hruby
17: Evolving Enzyme Applications. Michael Bedford, Carrie Walk and Milan Hruby

Michael R. Bedford

Michael R. Bedford is at AB Vista Feed Ingredients, Ltd., UK.

Gary G. Partridge

Gary G. Partridge is at Danisco Animal Nutrition, UK.

Milan Hruby

Milan Hruby is at Danisco Animal Nutrition, UK.

Carrie Walk

Carrie Walk is at AB Vista Feed Ingredients, Ltd., UK.

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