Farm Business Management

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January 2019
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    31st January
  • ISBN 9781789241525
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Taken together the three books of Farm Business Management cover most aspects of the study of farm management, leaving the reader with a practical set of skills and knowledge.

Books in this three volume set:

Farm Business Management: The Human Factor, second edition (9781789240733)
Farm Business Management: The Core Skills (9781845936679)
Farm Business Management: Analysis of Farming Systems (9781845938390)

1: The Human Factor
I: Managerial Ability
II: Decision Processes
III: Skills Required
IV: Biases and Stress
V: Intuition and its enhancement
VI: The importance of human characteristics in a range of decision topics and areas
V: Objectives
2: The Core Skills
I: Observation
II: Anticipation
III: Risk Management
IV: Assessments
V: Tests
3: Analysis of Farming Systems
I: Decision Making
II: Improved Farming Systems
III: Budgeting
IV: Linear and Dynamic Programming
VI: Systems Simulation

Peter L. Nuthall

Peter L. Nuthall is at Lincoln University, New Zealand.