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Crossing in Oil Palm

A Manual

December 2018
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  • Published
    31st December 2018
  • ISBN 9781786395917
  • Language English
  • Pages 96 pp.
  • Size 6.125" x 9.5"

Oil palm is the world's most important oil crop and crossing is used extensively in the production of commercial seed, breeding and genetic studies. This book illustrates crossing techniques to maximize success and safeguard purity, enabling the production of high quality seeds to grow-on as planting material and in breeding superior cultivars.

Presenting sound practices based on scientific innovation in plant breeding, this guide provides techniques integrated with expertise and application of sustainable aspects of agronomy and crop protection, alongside information and imaging technology. Promoting green, eco-friendly agriculture, this book covers: biology and genetics, germplasm, target traits and commercial crossing; health and safety considerations in the field and laboratory; pollen collection and storage, pollen viability testing, and pollination; isolation of the female inflorescence; and commercial tenera production.

Based on experience and protocols, this is an invaluable manual for students and researchers in agriculture, plant breeders, growers and end users interested in the practicalities of oil palm crossing for breeding and commercial seed production.

1. Introduction
2. Health and Safety Considerations
3. Pollen Collection and Storage
4. Pollen Viability Testing
5. Isolation of the Female Inflorescence
6. Pollination
7. Commercial Tenera Production

Umi Setiawati

Umi Setiawati is with Verdant Bioscience, Indonesia.

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