Fruit Ripening

Physiology, Signalling and Genomics

December 2019
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    4th December 2019
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September 2014
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    5th September 2014
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Fruit ripening is an important aspect of fruit production. The timing of it affects supply chains and buying behavior, and for consumers ripeness not only affects perceptions of health but has nutritional effects too. Ripeness is closely related to spoilage; spoilage has a major financial impact on agricultural industries. Currently there are fast moving developments in knowledge of the factors affecting fruit ripeness, and this up-to-date monograph seeks to draw together the disparate research in this area. The aim of the book is to produce a comprehensive account covering almost every area related to fruit ripening including the latest molecular mechanisms regulating fruit ripening, its impact on human nutrition and emerging research and technologies.

Section 1: Physiology and metabolism
Chapter 1: Climacteric and non-climacteric ripening
Chapter 2: Primary metabolism
Chapter 3: The chloroplast to chromoplast transition
Chapter 4: Cell wall metabolism and softening during ripening
Chapter 5: Aroma volatiles
Chapter 6: Colour and pigments
Chapter 7: Cuticle and waxes

Section 2: Fruit nutritional quality
Chapter 8: Beneficial effects on human health
Chapter 9: Vitamines
Chapter 10: Polyphenolics

Section 3. Signaling and hormonal control of fruit ripening
Chapter 11: Ethylene biosynthesis
Chapter 12: Ethylene perception and signaling in ripening fruit
Chapter 13: Other signals and cross talks during ripening at the transcriptional and post transcriptional levels

Section 4: Genetic and epigenetic control of fruit ripening
Chapter 14: Genetics control of fruit ripening and biodiversity
Chapter 15: Ripening mutants
Chapter 16: Biotechnology of fruit quality
Chapter 17: Epigenetic control of fruit ripening
Chapter 18: Genomics and metagenomics of fruit ripening: towards an integrative approach

Section 5: Conclusions and perspectives

Pravendra Nath

Pravendra Nath works at the National Botanical Research Institute, India.

Mondher Bouzayen

Mondher Bouzayen is affiliated with INRA, France.

Jean Claude Pech

Jean Claude Pech is with ENSA, France.

Autar K. Mattoo

Autar K. Mattoo is with the USDA.