Data Analysis in Vegetation Ecology Edition 3

November 2017
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    16th November 2017
  • ISBN 9781786394224
  • Language English
  • Pages 352 pp.
  • Size 6.125" x 9.5"
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The third edition of this popular textbook introduces the reader to the investigation of vegetation systems with an emphasis on data analysis. The book succinctly illustrates the various paths leading to high quality data suitable for pattern recognition, pattern testing, static and dynamic modeling, and model testing, including spatial and temporal aspects of ecosystems.

Step-by-step introductions using small examples lead to more demanding approaches illustrated by real world examples aimed at explaining interpretations. All data sets and examples described in the book are available online and are written using the freely available statistical package R.

This book will be of particular value to beginning graduate students and postdoctoral researchers of vegetation ecology, ecological data analysis, and ecological modeling as well as to experienced researchers needing a guide to new methods.


- Completely revised and updated
- Includes practical step-by-step examples using the freely available statistical package R
- Complex concepts and operations are explained using clear illustrations and case studies relating to real world phenomena
- Emphasizes method selection rather than just giving a set of recipes.

1: Introduction
2: Patterns in vegetation ecology
3: Transformation
4: Multivariate comparison
5: Classification
6: Ordination
7: Ecological patterns
8: Traits and Indicators
9: Static predictive modelling
10: Vegetation change in time
11: Dynamic modelling
12: Revising classifications
13: Swiss forests: a case study
14: Back to the roots?

Otto Wildi

Otto Wildi is with the Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL, Switzerland.