CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series Series

The Many Voices of Pilgrimage and Reconciliation

December 2017
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    13th December 2017
  • ISBN 9781786393265
  • Language English
  • Pages 232 pp.
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Reviewing peace and reconciliation, secular pilgrimages, and international perspectives on sacred journeys, this book offers the reader an opportunity to encounter multiple voices and viewpoints on one of the most ancient practices of humankind. With an estimated third of all international travellers now undertaking journeys anticipating an aspect of transformation (the hallmark of pilgrimage), this book includes both spiritual and non-spiritual voyages, such as journeys of self-therapy, mindfulness and personal growth. It also:

- Provides a multidisciplinary perspective, covering themes such as gender, human rights, equality, the environment, peace, history, literature, and politics
- Reflects the rich diversity and multiple meanings of pilgrimage through an international writer team spanning four continents
- Includes case studies of pilgrimage in action from around the world

An innovative and engaging addition to the pilgrimage literature, this book provides an important resource for researchers of religious tourism and related subjects.

Introduction: The Many Voices of Pilgrimage and Reconciliation

Part I: Peace, Human Rights and Justice
Chapter 1: Pilgrimages and Peace-Building on the Global Stage
Chapter 2: Pilgrimages of Transformation and Reconciliation: Maori and Pakeha Walking Together in Aotearoa New Zealand
Chapter 3: ‘Sheaves of Corn in an Autumn Field’: The ‘Hungry’ Walk to Delphi Lodge
Chapter 4: (Re)Walking Stories: Pilgrimage, Pedagogy and Peace
Chapter 5: Pilgrimage, Bhakti and Identity: A Study of Maharashtrian Vari

Part II: Reconciliation Within
Chapter 6: Circling Centre, Finding Our Way Home:Circumambulation Pilgrimages around Iona, Mount Tamalpais and Labyrinths
Chapter 7: Pilgrimage and Reconciliation: Crossing Boundaries to Transcend Them
Chapter 8: A Yogic Journey: Exploration of Yoga Practice and Philosophy
Chapter 9: Pilgrimage Walking as Green Prescription Self-Therapy?
Chapter 10: The Social Self on Pilgrimage: Intercession and Mediation

Part III: Religious and Secular Perspectives
Chapter 11: Let Us Be Human: Wittgenstein and Philosophical Pilgrimage
Chapter 12: The Pilgrimage to the Mausoleum of Sidi Shaykh
Chapter 13: Travel and/or Pilgrimage as Inquiry and Introspection: A Personal Narrative of an Atheist
Chapter 14: The Pilgrim’s Two Economies: Greek Convent Pilgrimage and Economic Crisis
Chapter 15: ‘My Heart Wouldn’t Accept the Advice’: Paths to Self and Community in Alevi Poetry

Ian S. McIntosh

Ian S. McIntosh is an Adjunct Professor in Anthropology in the School of Liberal Arts at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis, Indiana (IUPUI). He is also the Director of International Partnerships at IUPUI, and the Associate Director of the Confucius Institute in Indianapolis. He is a co-founder of Past Masters International, and the Indianapolis Spiritual Trail.

L. D. Harman

L. D. Harman