Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture

A Winning Combination?

December 2017
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    27th December 2017
  • ISBN 9781786393050
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Organic and fair-trade certified commodities catering for niche markets are growing rapidly and offer potential benefits for small-scale farmers and the society at large. It is vital to assess if it is technically and economically feasible to meet the growing consumer demands of food safety, quality, and ethics, especially by smallholder and marginal producers. Organic and fair-trade certified commodities are predominantly produced in the developing countries of Asia, Africa, and Latin America to cater to the environmentally and socially conscious consumers in Europe and North America. Thus these systems reflect an interdependence between the developed and the developing nations in promoting eco-friendly and sustainable development, an aspect this book considers in depth. The potential of applying both systems in combination for small-scale farmers in developing countries and the willingness of consumers to pay more for a product that is both organic and fair-trade certified are explored through case studies.

1: An Overview of Organic Agriculture and Fair Trade Systems
2: Organic and Fair Trade Markets at a Glance
3: Organic and Fair Trade Production Worldwide
4: Evolution of Producer Organizations in Fair Trade Coffee Certification
5: Methodological Toolbox
6: Consumer Behavior in the Organic and Fair Trade Food Market in Europe
7: Multiple Certifications and Consumer Purchase Decisions: a Case Study of Willingness to Pay for Coffee in Germany
8: Consumers’ Information Search and Preferences for Fair Trade Coffee: a Case Study from Germany
9: Gender-equality Chocolate: a Missing Market?
10: Fair Trade Certification on Plantations: Household Wealth and Welfare Implications for Hired Labor
11: Assessing the Benefits of Organic and Fair Trade Production for Small-scale Farmers in Asia
12: The Impact of Certification on Material Input Costs in India
13: Dovetailing Fair Trade and Organic Agro-certifications in Latin America: How the Twins Can Meet?
14: Certifying Coffee Cooperatives in Ethiopia, India and Nicaragua: How Far Do Small-scale Coffee Producers Benefit?
15: The Relevance of Reliability, Reputation and Respect for Producer-level Benefits of Organic and Fair Trade Certification for Smallholders
16: The Way Forward

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U. Grote

U. Grote

Hermann Waibel

Hermann Waibel is at Leibniz University of Hannover, Germany.