The Bioeconomy

Delivering Sustainable Green Growth

January 2019
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    31st January 2019
  • ISBN 9781786392756
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  • Pages 224 pp.
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The "bioeconomy" is based on the idea of economic activity involving the sustainable exploitation of biological resources. This book illustrates the state of the art and perspectives in the development of the bioeconomy across the world, taking an economic and policy perspective, as well as identifying potential future pathways and issues for this subject. The first part of the book illustrates the current definitions, strategies, policy and economic information related to the bioeconomy in the world. The second describes current economic analysis and research effort in qualifying and understanding the economics of the bioeconomy. This includes the contribution of technology, research and innovation to the bioeconomy, driving forces and demand-side economics, supply side economics and matching demand and supply. The political economy of the bioeconomy, regulation, public policy and transitions are considered, and also the role of the bioeconomy to the economy, society, including growth, development and sustainability.

1: Introduction and overview
2: Chapter 2 - What is the Bioeconomy
3: Technology and innovation in the Bioeconomy
4: Approaches to (the economics of) the Bioeconomy
5: Driving forces and demand-side economics
6: Supply side economics
7: Matching demand and supply: markets, policies and beyond
8: Political economy of the Bioeconomy, regulation, public policy and transition
9: Bioeconomy and sustainable development
10: Impact evaluation and management tools
11: At the boundary of economics
12: Final thoughts and outlook
13: References

Davide Viaggi

teaches in the Department of Agricultural and Food Sciencesat the University of Bologna.