CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Series Series

Religious Tourism in Asia

December 2018
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    31st December 2018
  • ISBN 9781786392343
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  • Pages 192 pp.
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The Asia-Pacific region is considered the world's religious core, with the greatest number of pilgrims and travellers for religious events, for both international and domestic tourism. It is estimated that there are approximately six hundred million national and international religious and spiritual voyages in the world, of which 40% take place in Europe and over half in Asia.

This book addresses tourism and sacred sites within the region of Asia and the pilgrims that it beckons. Case studies from across the region present more practical examples of this "hub" of pilgrimage centers, providing a useful and interesting resource for researchers within religious, cultural, heritage and Asian tourism.

1 : Religious Tourism and Sacred Sites in Asia
2 : The Rise of Heritage and Religious Tourism to Sacred Sites in Oman
3 : Entrepreneurship in Religious Tourism: A Case Study of the Management Strategy of Islamic Tour Operators in Mumbai, India
4 : Spiritual Tourism in Sufism in South Asia
5 : Perspectives of Religious Tourism in Azerbaijan
6 : The Sacred in Caves and Mountains: Animist and Christian Interfaces in the Philippines
7 : Religious Tourism in the Ideological Framework of Chinese Tourism Education
8 : Religious Tourism: The Beginning of a New Era with Special Reference to India
9 : Sacred Places, Tourism and Cultural Heritage: pilgrimages to West Java
10 : To own the Sacred, to Control the People: Mahabodhi temple complex, India
11 : Religious and Pilgrimage Routes of Buddhist Tourism
12 : Religious Migrations in Contemporary Kazakhstan
13 : Religious Festival in Tourism – A Comparative Perspective
14 : To Brand Gandhara, the Ancient Buddhist Center: Pakistan’s Potential to Develop Buddhist Tourism
15 Nankana Sahib as “Nankana Sahib: A Symbol of Religious Coexistence”
16 : The Destination Marketing Development Of Religious Tourism in Uzbekistan
17 : Religion and Religious Tourism: A Case Study of Kerala

Shin Yasuda

Shin Yasuda teaches at Teikyo University, Japan.

Kevin A. Griffin, PhD

Dr. Kevin Griffin, MA, PhD. Having studied teaching then tourism organization and historic settlement, I worked in a number of Geography Departments in the Dublin / Kildare area. Since 2001 I have worked at the DIT where I am actively involved in teaching and researching a broad range of tourism topics with particular specialism in both heritage and sustainable tourism. Editor in Chief, International Journal of Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage, International Journal of Tour Guiding Research, and International Journal of Islands Research. Series Editor, CABI Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Book Series. My main areas of academic interest include: Tourism and Sustainability / Environmental Issues, Heritage Tourism, Religious Tourism / Pilgrimage, Social Tourism, Teaching Methodologies and Tourism Local History / Heritage.