Contemporary Tourist Behaviour Edition 2

Yourself and Others as Tourists

June 2022
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    14th June 2022
  • ISBN 9781786391698
  • Language English
  • Pages 304 pp.
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This fully updated edition responds to themes emerging over the decade since publication of the first edition and transmits the content into the 2020s. The themes include technological change, ethical consumption, and the tourist response to health risk, political instability and other uncertainty. Examples are introduced from all parts of the world, capturing the explosion of research on tourist behavior, to produce a text that is strong both on theory and practical application.

The second edition:

  • Compares classic and contemporary studies
  • Evaluates recently emergent themes
  • Discusses worldwide examples
  • Contains extensive use of figures/tables and full color photographic images.
This is the go-to text for students and academics interested in tourist behavior both from within the tourism field and from other fields and disciplines.

Chapter 1: Backdrop
Chapter 2: Frameworks, Models and Theories
Chapter 3: Family, Friends and Groups
Chapter 4: Gender, Religion and Race
Chapter 5: Technological Change
Chapter 6: Ethical Consumption
Chapter 7: Motivation
Chapter 8: Fear
Chapter 9: Information Search and Decision-Making
Chapter 10: Image and Decision Making
Chapter 11: In-Visit Experience
Chapter 12: Satisfaction: Fulfilling the Promise
Chapter 13: Life Change: Tourist Experience and Beyond
Chapter 14: Final Word

David Bowen

Dr. David Bowen gained his first degree in geography from the University of Oxford. His interest in academic study related to tourism started whilst organizing walking tours and acting as curator of the Lewis Glacier on Mt. Kenya. As a result, he studied for an MSc in Tourism at Surrey University and, after joining Oxford Brookes University, completed a PhD entitled "Consumer Satisfaction on Long-Haul Tours."

David Bowen’s research interests focus on tourist consumer behavior and research methods. He has recently published on these and other topics in Annals of Tourism Research, Tourism Management, Journal of Travel Research, Service Industries Journal, Journal of Vacation Marketing and the International Journal of Tourism Research.

David has just finished research on two funded projects with colleagues from Oxford Brookes University. First, "Familiar places: tourist well-being and tourism sector consequences" (with Dr. Jackie Clarke) is focussed on the effect that visiting familiar places has on tourists and the tourism industry and is based in two areas of Wales, the Gower Peninsula and the Mawddach Estuary. This research is funded via a British Academy / Leverhulme Small Research Grant (October 2013-September 2015). Second, "Enclave resort tourism in the Maldives: the reality of benefits and non-benefits" (with Shahida Zubair and Professor Levent Altinay) is exploring how enclave resorts compare with non-enclave resorts in relation to economic dependency (especially the effect on local entrepreneurship) and sustainable tourism development (especially the effect on local participation in decision-making and socio-cultural integrity).

future of tourism; tourism experience; decision making in tourism; holiday decision making; tourism information; IT and tourism; technology in tourism; frameworks for tourist behaviour; tourism and ethnicity; tourism and gender; tourism and race; tourist behavior; tourist behaviour