Bovine Tuberculosis

May 2018
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    29th May 2018
  • ISBN 9781786391520
  • Language English
  • Pages 290 pp.
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This book is contemporary, topical and global in its approach, and provides an essential, comprehensive treatise on bovine tuberculosis and the bacterium that causes it, Mycobacterium bovis. Bovine tuberculosis remains a major cause of economic loss in cattle industries worldwide, exacerbated in some countries by the presence of a substantial wildlife reservoir. It is a major zoonosis, causing human infection through consumption of unpasteurized milk or by close contact with infected animals.

Following a systematic approach, expert international authors cover epidemiology and the global situation; microbial virulence and pathogenesis; host responses to the pathogen; and diagnosis and control of the disease.

Aimed at researchers and practicing veterinarians, this book is essential for those needing comprehensive information on the pathogen and disease, and offers a summary of key information learned from human tuberculosis research. It will be useful to those studying the infection and for those responsible for controlling the disease.

1: Bovine tuberculosis: worldwide picture
2: Mycobacterium bovis as the causal agent of human tuberculosis: Public Health Implications
3: Economics of bovine tuberculosis: a One Health issue
4: The Epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis Infection in Cattle
5: Mycobacterium bovis molecular typing and surveillance
6: Bovine Tuberculosis in Other Domestic Species
7: Role of wildlife in the epidemiology of Mycobacterium bovis
8: Molecular virulence mechanisms of Mycobacterium bovis
9: The pathology and pathogenesis of Mycobacterium bovis infection
10: Innate immune response in bovine tuberculosis
11: Adaptive immunity
12: Immunological Diagnosis
13: Biomarkers in the Diagnosis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Complex Infections
14: Vaccination of domestic and wild animals against tuberculosis
15: Managing Bovine Tuberculosis; Successes and Issues
16: Perspectives on global bovine TB control

Stephen Gordon

Stephen Gordon is at University College Dublin (UCD), Ireland.

Mark Chambers

Mark Chambers is with Animal and Plant Health Agency (APHA), UK and School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Surrey, UK.

Paul Barrow

Paul Barrow is at University of Surrey, UK.

F. Olea-Popelka

F. Olea-Popelka is at Colorado State University.