Mass Tourism in a Small World

July 2017
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    6th July 2017
  • ISBN 9781780648545
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The economic links arising from tourism that now exist between what used to be regarded as "developed" and "developing" societies make it imperative that they are considered component parts of a global system rather than distinct entities. The central focus of this book is mass tourism across a range of societies. It focuses on the theoretical perspectives on mass tourism (including systems approaches, political economy, ethics, sustainability, and environmentalism), the historical context of mass tourism, and the current challenges to domestic, intra-regional, and international mass tourism. With the inclusion of international case studies, it is an essential resource for researchers and students within tourism studies.

Section 1: Introduction
1. Introduction: Mass Tourism in One World—David Harrison and Richard Sharpley

Section 2: Theoretical Approaches to Mass Tourism
2. A theoretical approach to mass tourism in Italy—Asterio Savelli, University of Bologna, Italy and Gabriele Manella, University of Bologna, Italy
3. Mass Tourism does not need defending—Julio Aramberri, Drexel University
4. The Morality of Mass Tourism—Jim Butcher, Canterbury Christ Church University, UK
5. The Political Economy of Mass Tourism—Raoul Bianchi, University of East London, UK
6. Sustainability and Mass Tourism: A contradiction in terms? —Dave Weaver, Griffith University, Australia
7. Mass Tourism and the Environment: Issues and Dilemmas—Andrew Holden, University of Bedfordshire, UK

Section 3: Historical Studies of Tourism Development
8. From Butlin’s to Sandals—Richard Sharpley
9. Seaside Resorts in the UK: their decline, fall and (sometimes) rise—Martin Farr, Newcastle University, UK
10. Tourism and National Parks in the USA—Kelly Bricker, University of Utah, USA
11. Transport and Tourism: The Perpetual Lin—David Duval, University of Manitoba, Canada

Section 4: Case Studies in Modern Mass Tourism
12. Mass Tourism and China—Chris Ryan, Waikato University, New Zealand and Hongdi Shen, Lincoln University, New Zealand
13. Mass Tourism in Majorca—Hazel Andrews, Liverpool John Moores University, UK
14. Mass Tourism in Thailand—Erik Cohen, Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
15. Mass Tourism in Bulgaria—Stanislav Ivanov, Varna University of Management, Bulgaria
16. Mass Tourism in Tunisia—Sue Bleasdale, Middlesex University, UK and Heather Jeffrey, Bedfordshire University, UK
17. Mass Tourism in the Caribbean/Dominican Republic—Paul Wilkinson, York University, Canada
19. Malta and Mass Tourism—Greg Ashworth, University of Groningen, Netherlands and John Tunbridge, Carleton University, Canada
20. City/Heritage Tourism or Dubai? —David Harrison and Richard Sharpley

Section 5: The Future
21. Mass Tourism in the Future—Richard Sharpley and David Harrison

David Harrison

David Harrison has been Professor of Tourism at Middlesex University since 2014. Before then, he was Professor of Tourism at the University of the South Pacific (1996-1998 and 2008 to 2014) and similarly at London Metropolitan University (1998-2008). Since 1987, his research has concentrated on tourism in deveioping societies. He is author of The Sociology of Modernisation and Development, (Routledge, 1988), and editor of numerous texts on tourism, including: Tourism and the Less Developed Countries, (Belhaven,1992). Pacific Island Tourism (Cognizant 2003), The Politics of World Heritage (with Michael Hitchcock, Channel View, 2005), Tourism and the Less Developed World, (CABI, 2001). More recently, he has edited Tourism in Pacific Islands (with Stephen Pratt, Routledge, 2015) and, with Richard Sharpley, Mass Tourism in a Small World (CABI, 2017).

Richard Sharpley

Richard Sharpley is Professor of Tourism and Development at the University of Central Lancashire, Preston, UK. He has previously held positions at a number of other institutions, including the University of Northumbria (Reader in Tourism) and the University of Lincoln, where he was professor of Tourism and Head of Department, Tourism and Recreation Management. He is co-editor of the journal Tourism Planning & Development, a resource editor for Annals of Tourism Research and a member of the editorial boards of a number of other tourism journals. His principal research interests are within the fields of tourism and development, island tourism, rural tourism and the sociology of tourism and his books include Tourism and Development: Concepts and Issues (2002, with David Telfer); Tourism and Development in the Developing World (2008, with David Telfer); Tourism, Tourists and Society, 4th Edition (2008); The Darker Side of Travel; The Theory and Practice of Dark Tourism (2009, with Philip Stone); Tourism, Development and the Environment: Beyond Sustainability (2009); and Tourist Experience: Contemporary Perspectives (2011, with Philip Stone). A further collection on tourist experiences, The Contemporary Tourist Experience: Concepts & Consequences, was published in 2012, and a second edition of Tourism and Development: Concepts and Issues, was published in 2015.