Integrated Pest Management in Tropical Regions

December 2017
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    15th December 2017
  • ISBN 9781780648002
  • Language English
  • Pages 312 pp.
  • Size 6.75" x 9.5"

This book provides up-to-date and comprehensive coverage of the research and application of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) in tropical regions. The first section explores the agro-ecological framework that represents the foundations of IPM in addition to emerging technologies in chemical and biological methods that are core to pest control in tropical crops. The second section follows a crop-based approach and provides details of current IPM applications in the main tropical food crops (such as cereals, legumes, root and tuber crops, sugarcane, vegetables, banana and plantain, citrus, oil palm, tea, cocoa, and coffee), fiber crops (such as cotton), and tropical forests.

Integrated Pest Management in Tropical Regions:

- Explores the techniques aimed at controlling pests in agro-ecosystems sustainably while reducing secondary effects on the environment and on plant, animal, and human health
- Contextualizes IPM within our current knowledge of climate change and the global movement of organisms
- Covers integrated strategies to contain pests in major tropical food crops, fiber crops, and trees
- Discusses options and challenges for pest control in tropical agriculture.

Written by an international team of experts, this is a valuable tool for researchers, extension workers and stakeholders in the field of sustainable agricultural development as well as for all those in charge of implementing training and development programs to enhance the worldwide adoption of sustainable techniques in IPM, agriculture, and crop protection.

1: Introduction
2: Agroecological foundations for pest management in the tropics: learning from traditional farmers
3: Options and challenges for pest control in tropical agriculture
4: Biological pest control in the tropics
5: Integrated Pest Management in tropical cereal crops
6: Integrated Pest Management in tropical food legumes
7: Integrated Pest Management of root and tuber crops in the tropics
8: Integrated Pest Management in sugarcane cropping systems
9: Integrated Pest Management in cotton
10: Integrated Pest Management in tropical vegetable crops
11: Integrated Pest Management and Good Agricultural Practices recommendations in greenhouse crops
12: Integrated Pest Management in banana and plantain
13: Integrated Pest Management in citrus
14: Integrated Pest Management in oil palm plantations in Malaysia
15: Integrated Pest Management in tea, cocoa and coffee
16: Integrated Insect Pest Management in tropical forestry

Carmelo Rapisarda

Carmelo Rapisarda is with the Università degli Studi, Italy.

G. Massimino Cocuzza

G. Massimino Cocuzza is with the University of Catania, Italy.