Practical Feline Behaviour

Understanding Cat Behaviour and Improving Welfare

August 2018
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    14th August 2018
  • ISBN 9781780647838
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  • Pages 286 pp.
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Practical Feline Behaviour contains all the relevant information that anyone involved with the care of house cats needs to understand to handle feline behavior and improve welfare.

There have been ground-breaking advances in our understanding of feline behavior in recent years and, to protect the welfare of cats, it is increasingly important that anyone involved with the care of cats, especially those in a professional capacity, keep up to date with these advances.

This approachable and down-to-earth text describes the internal and external influences: on feline behavior; on communication, learning, and social behavior; on the relationship between behavior and disease; and on the cat-human relationship. It also provides practical advice on how the welfare of cats in our care may be protected and how behavior problems should be addressed and how to avoid them.

In this book Trudi Atkinson draws on her extensive experience as a veterinary nurse and a Certified Clinical Animal Behaviorist to provide a rapid reference and an intensely practical feline behavior resource for owners, breeders, veterinary professionals, shelter and cattery workers and anyone involved in the care of our feline companions.

Trudi Atkinson

Trudi Atkinson is with Clinical Animal Behaviourists, UK.