Biocontrol of Major Grapevine Diseases

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May 2016
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    4th May 2016
  • ISBN 9781780647128
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  • Pages 256 pp.
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Biocontrol of Major Grapevine Diseases provides a timely research update on the use of biological control agents and plant resistance inducers against phytopathogenic infections of the grapevine by fungi, oomycetes, bacteria and phytoplasma. Taking a holistic approach, this book presents in detail the ecology, mechanisms and the application methods of these agents. Its 19 chapters, authored by international experts, cover diseases such as grey mold, trunk diseases, and, by nature, emphasize applications of biocontrol in organic viticulture and as part of integrated pest management systems.

1. Major Biocontrol Studies/Measures Against Fungal And Oomycete Pathogens Of Grapevine -- Zanzotto and M. Morroni

2. Grapevine Endophytes And Plant Health: A Culture Independent Approach -- Yousaf, M. Anees and A. Campisano

3. Ecology And Function Of Grape-Associated Microorganisms With A Special Focus On Biocontrol Of Botrytis Cinerea --M. Cardinale and G. Berg

4. Beneficial Bacteria-Induced Resistance Against Botrytis Cinerea In Grapevine As Related To Induction And Priming Of Defense Responses -- Aziz, B. Verhagen, S. Villaume, M. Couderchet, M. Höfte, F. Baillieul and P. Trotel-Aziz

5. Potential Of Two Bacillus Antagonists For Biocontrol Against Gray Mould -- S. Ben-Maachia, R. Errakhi, F. Mathieu and A. Lebrihi

6. Isolation And Characterization Of Antibiotics Produced By Streptomyces J-2 And Their Role In Biocontrol Of Plant Diseases, Especially Gray Mould -- R. Errakhi, F. Bouteau, M. Barakate and A. Lebrihi

7. Use Of Saccharothrix Algeriensis Nrrl B-24137 To Control Botrytis Cinerea? -- S. Muzammil, R. Saria, Z. Yu, C. Graillon, F. Mathieu, A. Lebrihi and S. Compant

8. Dope-Fish, A Tool To Visualize Biocontrol Bacteria, Controlling Systemically Botrytis Cinerea, In The Rhizosphere Of Grapevine Plants Following Inoculation? -- S. Compant and F. Mathieu

9. Endophytic Fungi In Asymptomatic Vitis Vinifera L. And Their Role Towards Plasmopara Viticola. -- S. Burruano, G. Conigliaro, V. Mondello and L. Torta

10. Enhancing The Aggressiveness Of The Powdery Mildew Mycoparasite Ampelomyces Quisqualis D. Angeli, S. Micheli, M. Mauhofer and I. Pertot

11. Protection Of Grapevines By Pythium Oligandrum Strains Isolated From Bordeaux Vineyards Against Powdery Mildew -- J. Gerbore, E. Bruez, J. Vallance, D. Grizard, C. Regnault-Roger and P. Rey

12. Bioactive Natural Products For Managing Downy Mildew Disease In Grapevine -- T. Islam

13. Biological Control Of Grape Canker Pathogens -- L. Costadone and W.d. Gubler

14. Trichoderma Atroviride I-1237, A Promising Biological Control Agent Of Grapevine Wood Diseases (Eutypiose, Esca And Bda) -- E. Mounier, B. Blal, F. Cortes and E. Pajot

15. A Model For Biological Control Studies Of Grapevine Trunk Diseases Under Laboratory Conditions -- R. Pierron, J. Pouzoulet, A. Meziane, N. Mailhac and A. Jacques

16. Detection Of Bacterial Endophytes In Vitis Vinifera L. And Antibiotic Activity Against Grapevine Fungal Pathogens -- S. Lo Piccolo, A. Alfonzo, S. Burruano and G. Moschetti

17. Impact Of Grapevine Preharvest Treatments With Elicitor Or Antagonists On The Occurrence And Toxigenesis Of Ochratoxinogenic Fungi Dachoupakan -- C. Strub, V. Martinez, J.-C.baccou and S. Schorr-Galindo

18. An Experimental Approach To Understand Grapevine Yellows Associated With Phytoplasma Infections -- G. Brader, S. Compant, H. Gangl and A. Sessitsch

19. Endophytic Bacteria Associated With Grapevine Plants: Putative Candidates For Phytoplasma Containment -- D. Bulgari, P. Casati, F. Quaglino and P.A. Bianco

Stéphane Compant

Stéphane Compant is Project Leader-Scientist on beneficial plant-microbe interactions in AIT Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH and Associate Professor of Microbiology in National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse in France.

Florence Mathieu

Florence Mathieu is a full Professor of Microbiology at the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse in France.