Heritage Tourism Destinations

Preservation, Communication and Development

July 2016
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    6th July 2016
  • ISBN 9781780646770
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Heritage tourism is tied to myth-making and stories; creative content that can be shared, stored, combined and manipulated, but that depends on a unique cultural or natural history. A significant section of the wider phenomenon that is cultural tourism, heritage tourism is a demand-driven industry that continues to be a subject of heated debate in academic circles.

Beginning with an overview of the subject, this book considers the conservation and revitalization of heritage destinations, as well as the role local communities have in supporting an attraction. It then discusses product development and communication around the world, using new techniques such as social media and examples from food tourism and sporting events, before a final section reviews the planning and institutionalization of heritage spaces. A timely conclusion subsequently considers the implications of developments such as globalization, technological improvement and climate change upon these unique destinations. A valuable addition to the literature, this book is the first to bridge the gap between theory and practice, including the latest research and international case studies for researchers and practitioners in tourism and destination management.

Part I: Heritage Tourism Destinations: Conservation, Revitalization and Community Involvement
1. Does the Culture of Context matter in Urban Regeneration Processes?
2. Social Memory and Identity in the Gentrifying Neighbourhood of Tophane
3. Urban Archaeology and Community Engagement - The Küçükyali ArkeoPark in Istanbul

Part II: Heritage Tourism Destinations: Product Development and Communication
4. Developing Food Tourism through Collaborative Efforts within the Heritage Tourism Destination of Foça, Izmir
5. Heritage Sporting Events in the Territorial Development
6. A Social Media Approach to Evaluating Heritage Destination Perceptions: The Case of Istanbul

Part III: Heritage Tourism DestinationsPlanning and Institutionalization
7. Theoretical Perspectives on World Heritage Management: Stewardship and Stakeholders
8. Cultural Heritage, Development, Employment: Territorial Vocation as a Rationalized Myth
9. Archaeological Heritage and Regional Development in Portugal
10. The Governance Dynamics in Italian State Museums
11. Taking Responsibility beyond Heritage. The Challenge of Integral Planning in the Cusco Valley, Peru

Maria D. Alvarez

Maria D. Alvarez is at Bogazici University, Turkey.

Atila Yüksel

Atila Yüksel is at Adnan Menderes University, Turkey.

Frank M. Go

Frank M. Go is at Eramus University, Netherlands.