Pesticide Risk Assessment

May 2019
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    9th May 2019
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We have been witnessing a silent chemical revolution over the past half century. Pesticides bring widespread environmental contamination, with residues detected far from their site of application. These substances are playing havoc with the lives of humans and the environment because of their indiscriminate use.

Pesticide Risk Assessment describes the environmental risks associated with the injudicious use of pesticides and their mixtures, their methods of estimation and assessment, and their regulation. It also contains methods to reduce and minimize the risks associated with the use of pesticides. The book:

- Examines pesticides, their impact on the environment, mode of action, estimation methods, risk assessment, mixture toxicity, alternatives for risk reduction, and regulatory aspects.

- Includes global case studies detailing cases of pesticide poisoning, and the health effects of exposure to pesticides.

- Covers risks to human health, aquifers and aquatic organisms, pollinators, soil micro flora and fauna, terrestrial organisms and wildlife.

Suitable for anyone involved in pesticide application and integrated pest management, this is essential reading for researchers, scientists, extension workers and policy makers.

Section I: Introduction

Section II: Impact and estimation of pesticides

1. Pesticides
2. Impact of pesticides on environment

Section III: Pesticides risk and assessment
3. Toxicity of pesticides based on their mode of action
4. Diagnostic tools for pesticides detection
5. Toxicity of Pesticides in mixtures with same mode of action
6. Toxicity of Pesticides in mixtures with different mode of action
7. Techniques for Pesticides risk assessment
8. Co-relation of pesticides risk and body characters
9. Co-relation of toxicity and classification of pesticides

Section IV: Remediation to reduce pesticides risk
10. Pesticides risk –case studies
11. Alternatives for Reducing pesticides risk
12. Awareness for Reducing pesticides risk
13. Regulation of pesticides and associated risk
14. Conclusion

Sumitra Arora

Sumitra Arora is with ICAR - Indian Council of Agriculture National Centre for Integrated Pest, India.

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