Cruise Ship Tourism Edition 2

March 2017
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    1st March 2017
  • ISBN 9781780646084
  • Language English
  • Pages 600 pp.
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Completely updated and revised, the second edition of Cruise Ship Tourism covers the economic, social, and environmental impacts of cruising, combining the latest knowledge and research to provide a comprehensive account of the subject. Despite the industry growing rapidly, there is a substantial gap in the related literature, and this book addresses the key issues for researchers, students, and industry professionals.

This second edition:

- Reviews the fundamental principles of the industry, the cruise experience from a passenger perspective, marketing, planning, and destination development.
- Includes case studies throughout, translating theory into practical management advice.
- Comprises contributions from over 50 international contributors to portray a truly global perspective.
- Provides numerous full-color illustrations to bring the subject to life.

Brought to you by major names in the field, this new edition is a valuable 'one-stop-shop' for those interested in cruise ships and maritime tourism and an invaluable resource for researchers, students, and industry professionals concerned more widely with tourism and business development.

1: The world of cruising
Section 1: Fundamental principles
2: Power and profits in the global cruise industry
3: Representation without taxation
4: Flags of convenience and the global cruise labor market
5: Corporate social responsibility in the cruise sector
6: Passengers and risk: Health, wellbeing and liability
7: Economics of cruise shipping: The need for a new business model
8: High fees on the high seas? The provision of extra-fee products and services
9: ‘Oceans apart’: Bridging the gap between academic research and professional practice in cruise tourism

Section 2: The cruise experience: People and passengers
10: Talent management and the cruise industry
11: A sailor’s life for me: An example of how one port of call has developed in the hope of meeting crew expectations
12: Mediating the cruise experience
13: Conceptualizing the cruise ship tourist experience
14: Managing health-related crises in the cruise industry
15: Cruises, safety and security in a violent world

Section 3: Markets, marketing and motivations
16: Safe, secure and sustainable: Attributes of a strong cruise brand
17: The image of cruise ship holidays on Italian television: A comparative analysis
18: Purchasing attributes for cruise passengers
19: Motivations and constraints of cruising for the US and Chinese markets
20: Children and the family market
21: Cruising with Pride: The LGBT cruise market
22: The changing consumer: ‘Digital cruising’

Section 4: Impacts of cruise ship tourism: Stakeholders, politics and power
23: Stakeholders’ perceived gains and obstacles of cruise ship tourism development: the case of La Palma Island
24: Cruise ships and protected areas in the marine biome: An analysis of tourism in the Brazilian context
25: Sailing into stormy waters? Understanding the community impacts of cruise tourism growth in Akaroa, New Zealand
26: Cruise tourism in a remote small island – High yield and low impact?
27: Cruise tourists on the mainland: Itineraries and interactions

Section 5: Planning and management for sustainable cruising
28: Environmental reporting in the cruise industry
29: Improving sustainable management of expedition cruise destinations in Australia: Governance and management lessons from the Great Barrier Reef, the Kimberley and Tasmania
30: Sailing in icy waters: Antarctic cruise tourism development, regulation and management

Section 6: Ports, destinations and infrastructure development
31: Development of cruise tourism in Saudi Arabia
32: Cruise itinerary planning
33: Is China a new goldmine for cruise companies?
34: Cruising in Asia with a focus on China

Section 7: Conclusions and future directions
35: Conclusions and future directions

Ross K. Dowling

Ross K. Dowling is at Edith Cowan University, Australia.

Clare Weeden

Clare Weeden is at University of Brighton, UK.