Transition to Agricultural Market Economies

The Future of Kazakhstan, Russia and Ukraine

July 2015
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    15th July 2015
  • ISBN 9781780645353
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  • Pages 276 pp.
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It is believed that the major countries of the former Soviet Union—specifically Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine (KRU region)—are the part of the world with the most potential to increase food supplies and strengthen world food security. This book examines the future of the KRU countries in global agricultural markets and will examine a number of agricultural sectors, including meat, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. However particular attention is paid to the region’s potential expansion of the grain sector and why the KRU region emerged during the 2000s as a major grain exporter, and its potential to further expand grain production and exports. It also examine the issues of environmental constraints and trade-offs for agriculture, sustainability, and the possible effects of climate change.

1. Overview of Agriculture in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine
2. Kazakhstan's Agricultural Development Constraints: Evidence from the Wheat, Beef, and Dairy Sectors
3. The Rise of the Former Soviet Union Region as a Major Grain Exporter
4. Policy Issues and Prospects for Ukraine's Grain Exports
5. Wheat Export Development in Ukraine
6. Effect of Relative Export Price Changes of the Top Principal Crops in Russia
7. The Role of Production Cooperatives in Russian Agriculture
8. Agricultural Cooperative Development in Kazakhstan and Ukraine
9. The Strategy of Innovative Development of Russian Agriculture
10. The Emergence of Agroholdings and Patterns of Land Use
11. Large-Scale Dairy and Poultry Production in Russia: Level and Trends of Development
12. Does Agroholding Membership Increase Productivity and Efficiency in Russian Agriculture? Evidence from Agroholdings in the Belgorod Oblast
13. Large-Scale Dairy and Poultry Production in Russia: Efficiency and External Environment
14. International Crop Yield Comparisons: Selected Regions
15. Modelling Fertilizer Demand: The Three Bads
16. Russian Trade in Agricultural Products: Current State and Influences of Trade Integration
17. Farm Support in Ukraine and Russia under the Rules of the WTO
18. Accession of KRU to the WTO: The Effect of Tariff Reductions on KRU and International Wheat Markets
19. Wheat Export Restrictions in Kazakhstan, Russia, and Ukraine: Impact on Prices along the Wheat-to-Bread Supply Chain
20. Agricultural Land Policy of Ukraine: State Legislation and Efficiency Analysis
21. Dynamics of Agricultural Production and Land Use in Post-Soviet Ukraine
22. Competitive Analysis of Pulse Production in Russia, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan
23. Evaluating the Economic Efficiency of Subsidies Based on the Basi Output Equations for Agricultural Enterprises in the North-western Regions of Russia

Andrew Schmitz

Andrew Schmitz is the Ben Hill Griffin, Jr., Eminent Scholar and Professor of Food and Resource Economics at the University of Florida, Gainesville.

William H. Meyers

William H. Meyers is the Director of International Agriculture Programs and Howard Cowden Professor of Agricultural and Applied Economics, University of Missouri, Columbia.