Tree-Crop Interactions Edition 2

Agroforestry in a Changing Climate

December 2015
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    4th December 2015
  • ISBN 9781780645117
  • Language English
  • Pages 352 pp.
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This new edition provides an update on the considerable amount of evidence on tree-crop interactions which has accumulated during the last two decades, especially on the more complex multi-strata agroforestry systems, which are typical of the humid tropics. In addition, three new chapters have been added to describe the new advances in the relationship between climate change adaptation, rural development and how trees and agroforestry will contribute to a likely reduction in vulnerability to climate change in developing countries

1. A Framework for Quantifying the Various Effects of Tree–Crop Interactions
2. Mixed Cropping of Annual and Woody Perennial Species: An Analytical Approach to Productivity and Management
3. Modelling Radiation Interception and Water Balance in Agroforestry Systems
4. Principles of Resource Capture and Use of Light and Water
5. Agroforestry and (Micro) Climate Change
6. The Water Balance of Mixed Tree–Crop Systems
7. Competition and Phenology in Agroforestry
8. Root Distribution of Trees and Crops: Competition and/or Complementarity
9. Laboratory and Field Techniques for Measuring Root Distribution and Architecture
10. Adaptation for Climate-sensitive Crops Using Agroforestry: Case Studies for Coffee and Rice
11. Adaptation of Crops to Partial Shade in Mixed Cropping Systems
12. Synthesis: Key Agroforestry Challenges in the Future

Chin K. Ong

Chin K. Ong is at University of Nottingham, Malaysia.

Colin R. Black

Colin R. Black is formerly of University of Nottingham, UK.

Julia Wilson

Julia Wilson is at the Centre for Ecology and Hydrology, UK.