Analytical Techniques for Natural Product Research

December 2015
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    18th December 2015
  • ISBN 9781780644738
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Plants are an important source of lead molecules for drug discovery. These lead molecules serve as starting materials for laboratory synthesis of drugs as well as a model for production of biologically active compounds. Phytochemical processing of raw plant materials is essentially required to optimize the concentration of known constituents and also to maintain their activities. Extraction techniques and analytical techniques have played critical roles in phytochemical processing of raw materials. Extraction technologies from conventional extraction to green extraction as well as analytical techniques from single technique to hyphenated/coupled techniques most frequently used in phytochemistry laboratories are covered in the book.

1. Analytical Techniques in Natural Product Research
2. Extraction methods
3. Super critical fluid extraction
4. Chromatographic techniques I: HPTLC and high speed counter current chromatography (HSCCC)
5. Chromatographic techniques II: HPLC and UPLC
6. Tandem techniques
7. Non-destructive techniques
8. Antioxidant Assay

Satyanshu Kumar

Satyanshu Kumar is in the Directorate of Medicinal and Aromatic Plants Research (DMAPR), (a Research Unit of Indian Council of Agricultural Research, ICAR, New Delhi, Govt. of India), India.