Transformational Tourism

Host Perspectives

Edited by Yvette Reisinger
September 2015
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    25th September 2015
  • ISBN 9781780643922
  • Language English
  • Pages 236 pp.
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Transformational Tourism deals with the important issue of how travel and tourism can change human behavior and have a positive impact on the world. The book focuses on human development in a world dominated by post-9/11 security and political challenges, economic and financial collapses, as well as environmental threats; it identifies various types of tourism that can transform human beings, such as educational, volunteer, survival, community-based, eco, farm, extreme, religious, spiritual, wellness, and mission tourism.

Content Previews

Part I: Initial Reflections
1. Reflections on Life Purpose
2. Personal Transformation and Travel and Tourism

Part II: Foucault and Transformation
3. Destination under Discipline: Foucault and the Transformation of Place Makers
4. The Normalization of Places and Spaces: Tourism and Transformation - A Glossary on the Eye-of-Authority

Part III: Where is the Host?
5. Where is the Host? An Analytic Autoethnographic Inquiry in Transformational Tourism

Part IV: Transformation of Different Local Communities
6. The Political and Social Transformation of Roma and Jewish Communities through Tourism in Budapest
7. Tourism, Transformation and Urban Ethnic Communities: The Case of Matonge, Brussels
8. The Travelling Favela: Cosmopolitanisms from Above and from Below
9. Transforming Nature's Value - Cultural Change Comes from Below: Rural Communities, the 'Othered' and Host Capacity Building

Part V: Transformation through Different Types of Tourism
10. Transformation of Local Lives through Volunteer Tourism: Peruvian and Thai Case Studies
11. The Impact of Extreme Sports on Host Communities' Psychological Growth and Development
12. Transformation and the WWOOF Exchange: The Host Experience

Part VI: Problems and Solutions
13. Ethnic Conflict: Is Heritage Tourism Part of the Solution or Part of the Problem?
14. Developing a Tourism Poverty Reduction Strategy

Appendix: Glossary of Foucauldian Terms Used in Chapter 4 and in the Companion Chapter 3

Yvette Reisinger

Yvette Reisinger is Adjunct Professor of Business at James Cook University in Singapore. Her research interests include cross-cultural differences in behavior, communication, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism.