The Genetics and Genomics of the Rabbit

Edited by Luca Fontanesi
July 2021
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  • Published
    28th July 2021
  • ISBN 9781780643342
  • Language English
  • Pages 344 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

Rabbits have many uses -- as well as being cherished pets, they are bred for their meat and fur and as laboratory animals. Understanding their genetics and genomics is key to their production and, equally, to their care, welfare and health. Beginning with an introduction to the rabbit, including key information on their evolution, domestication and breed types, this book then concentrates on the genetics and genomics of this valuable animal.

This book covers:
- Cytogenetics, genetic maps and QTL mapping;
- Immunogenetics;
- Genetics of coat color, meat, fiber and fur production, reproduction, disease resistance and more.

Concluding with practical applications such as creating transgenic and genome-edited rabbits, biotechnical applications and the rabbit as a biomedical model, this book brings this important topic fully up-to-date. It provides an indispensable resource for animal and veterinary researchers and students, as well as rabbit breeders and laboratory scientists.

1: The order Lagomorpha and the evolution and domestication of the European rabbit (Oryctolagus cuniculus)
2: Rabbit breeds and lines and genetic resources
3: The genome of the European rabbit and genomic tools
4: Cytogenetics, genetic maps and QTL mapping in the rabbit
5: Immunogenetics in the rabbit
6: Genetics and molecular genetics of coat colour in the European rabbit
7: Genetics of fibre and fur production in rabbits
8: Genetics and molecular genetics of morphological and physiological traits and inherited disorders in the European rabbit
9: Genetics of disease resistance in the European rabbit
10: Genetics of growth, carcass and meat production traits in rabbits
11: Biology of reproduction and reproduction technologies in the rabbit
12: Genetics of reproduction in the rabbit
13: Genetic improvement in the meat rabbit
14: Rabbit research in the post-genomic era: transcriptome, proteome and metabolome analyses
15: Methods to create transgenic and genome edited rabbits
16: Pluripotent stem cells in rabbits
17: Biotechnology applications in the rabbit
18: The rabbit as biomedical model

Luca Fontanesi

Luca Fontanesi is at University of Bologna, Italy.

rabbit evolution; rabbit domestication; rabbit genetics; rabbit genome; rabbit genetic maps; rabbit genetic markers; coat color genetics; rabbit immunogenetics; rabbit fibre production; genetics of rabbit meat production; rabbit carcass traits; genetic disease resistance; rabbit breeding; the rabbit as an animal model; transgenic rabbits; biotechnology applications in rabbits