Sustainable Crop Disease Management Using Natural Products

December 2015
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    16th December 2015
  • ISBN 9781780643236
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  • Pages 424 pp.
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Alternative methods of disease control--such as natural products and compounds derived from biological origins--provide an effective alternate to the use of chemical products or a means to minimize their use. It is imperative now to look for such sustainable crop disease management approaches that include routine and alternative methods. Natural products for sustainable crop disease management is an effort in this direction, and deals with immediate concerns in the field of natural and alternative products for disease control, apart from using biocontrol organisms. This book presents up-to-date information on natural products and compounds derived from biological origins and thoroughly discusses their applicability, field use and prospects for adoption under different cropping conditions. This book also validates disease management strategies.

Part I: Crop disease management by compounds of plant origin
1. Characterization of bioactive compounds from botanicals for the management of plant diseases
2. Essential oils and plant extracts as botanical biopesticides
3. Use of natural plant compounds against post harvest fungal diseases of fruits and grains
4. Potential use of plant essential oils for the management of post harvest diseases of fruits
5. Natural isothiocyanates available in crop plants as an alternative for sustainable control of horticultural products diseases
6. Antifungal compounds from wild plants and its commercial potential
7. Botanical Pesticides: The Novel Chemotherapeutics for Managing Plant Viruses
8. Role of medicinal plants for management of plant pathogens and insect pest

Part II: Crop disease management by sources from marine and microbes
9. Use of seaweed extracts for disease management of vegetable crops
10. Use of fish industry by- products for management of plant diseases - An overview
11. Chitosan and plant disease management- prospects and problems
12. Biocontrol agent formulations for sustainable disease control of plants

Part III: Other alternative ecofriendly approaches
13. Compost tea for the control of plant pathogens
14. Ecofreindly management of mycotoxigenic fungi and myctoxins contamination
15. Use of Silicon Amendments against Foliar and Vascular Diseases of Vegetables Grown Soilless
16. Bioactive natural products for managing Peronosporomycete phytopathogens
17. Potential of compost for controlling plant diseases

Sangeetha Ganesan

Sangeetha Ganesan teaches at Annamalai University, India.

Kurucheve Vadivel

Kurucheve Vadivel teaches at Annamali University, India.

Jayaraj Jayaraman

Jayaraj Jayaraman teaches at the University of the West Indies, Trinidad and Tobago.