Animal Machines Reissued and Updated Edition

The New Factory Farming Industry

May 2013
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    8th May 2013
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First published in 1964, Ruth Harrison's book Animal Machines had a profound and lasting impact on world agriculture, public opinion and the quality of life of millions of farmed animals.

Concerned with welfare standards at a time when animal production was increasing in scale and mechanization, Ruth Harrison set about investigating the situation in a fair and even-handed way. Reporting her findings in this book, Harrison alerted the public to the undeniable suffering of calves living in veal crates and birds in battery cages.

Written at the beginning of the intensive farming movement, which promised progress but in reality worsened conditions for domesticated animals, Animal Machines provides a fascinating insight into the system we are living with today and must continue with as the global population increases.

Harrison's work brought about legal reforms, a greater understanding of farm conditions for animals and increased public awareness. Animal Machines is reprinted here in its entirety, accompanied by new chapters by world-renowned experts in animal welfare discussing the legacy and impact of Animal Machines 50 years on. These new essays are written by: Marian Stamp Dawkins, John Webster, Bernard E. Rollin, David Fraser and Donald M. Broom.

Foreword by Rachel Carson Acknowledgements
1. Why we still need to read Animal Machines
2. Ruth Harrison – tribute to an inspirational friend
3. Animal Machines – prophecy and philosophy
4. Ruth Harrison – a tribute
5. Ruth Harrison’s later writings and animal welfare work
i. Introduction
ii. Broiler Chickens
iii. Poultry Packing Stations
iv. Battery Birds
v. Veal Calves
vi. Other Intensive Units
vii. The Basis of Quality
viii. Quantity versus Quality
ix. Cruelty and Legislation
x. Conclusion The new factory farming – a pictorial summary

Ruth Harrison

Ruth Harrison

M. S. Dawkins

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