International Trade and Food Security

The Future of Indian Agriculture

August 2016
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    16th August 2016
  • ISBN 9781780642826
  • Language English
  • Pages 248 pp.
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This book explores structural changes in India's agrifood systems during the next ten to twenty years. The dynamics in the agrifood sector is explored in the context of the overall economy, taking into account agricultural and trade policies and their impacts on national and global markets.

The contributors draw on qualitative and quantitative approaches, using both a national model -- to focus on urban-rural relations and income distribution -- and an international model to focus on patterns of economic growth and international trade.

1: Introduction
2: Transformation of Indian Agriculture Following Economic Liberalization
3: Food Consumption Pattern and Nutritional Security among Rural Households in India: Impact of Cross-Cutting Rural Employment Policies
4: Food Demand and Supply Projections to 2030: India
5: Indian Economic Growth and Trade Agreements: What Matters for India and for Global Markets?
6: India: Economic Growth and Income Distribution in Rural and Urban Areas
7: Food Safety Standards for Domestic and International Markets: The Case of Dairy
8: India’s Poultry Sector: Trade Prospects
9: Employment Guarantee Program and Income Distribution
10: India’s Price Support Policies and Global Food Prices
11: Biofuel Commitments in India and International Trade
12: Input Subsidy vs Farm Technology- Which is More Important for Agricultural Development?
13: High-value Production and Poverty: The Case of Dairy in India
14: Changing Structure of Retail in India: Looking Beyond Price Competition
15: Conclusions and Way Forward

Floor Brouwer

Floor Brouwer is Head of the Research Unit on Management of Natural Resources at LEI (Agricultural Economics Institute), Wageningen University and Research Centre, The Hague, The Netherlands.

Promod K. Joshi

Promod K. Joshi is with IFPRI, South Asia.