Cultural Tourism Research Methods

Edited by Wil Munsters and Greg Richards
January 2013
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    9th January 2013
  • ISBN 9781780642291
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The consumption of culture is one of the most important aspects of tourism activity. Cultural tourism includes experiencing local culture, traditions and lifestyle, participation in arts-related activities, and visits to museums, monuments and heritage sites. This book reviews a wide range of qualitative and quantitative research methods applied to the field of cultural tourism, including surveys, mystery tourist visits, visitor tracking, grand tour narratives, collage, researcher-created video, photo-based interviews, ethnographic and actor-network approaches. It provides a practical guide on how to conduct research as well as a discussion and evaluation of the methods.

"...this book offers a meaningful application of mixed methods within the realm of cultural tourism and points to possible synergies and trade-offs. The dearth of comprehensive and innovative research applications in this field is impetus enough for such initiative."

Deepak Chhabra, School of Community Resources and Development, Arizona State University, USA - , Annals of Tourism Research

Part 1: The Evolution of Cultural Tourism Research
1 Developments and Perspectives in Cultural Tourism Research
2 The Traditional Quantitative Approach. Surveying Cultural Tourists: Lessons from the ATLAS Cultural Tourism Research Project
3 A Comparison of Quantitative and Qualitative Approaches: Complementarities and Tradeoffs
4 Blurring Boundaries in Cultural Tourism Research

Part 2: Mixed Qualitative - Quantitative Approaches
5 The Cultural Destination Experience Audit Applied to the Tourist-Historic City
6 Combining Methods for the Study of Visitor Behaviour at the Hungarian Open Air Museum
7 Employing the Grand Tour Approach to Aid Understanding of Garden Visiting
8 Multi-Method Research on Ethnic Cultural Tourism in Australia
9 Tracking the Urban Visitor: Methods for Examining Tourists' Spatial Behaviour and Visual Representations

Part 3: Qualitative Approaches
10 An Application of Grounded Theory to Cultural Tourism Research: Resident Attitudes to Tourism Activity in Santiponce
11 Tales from the Field: Video and its Potential for Creating Cultural Tourism Knowledge
12 Using Photo-Based Interviews to Reveal the Significance of Heritage Buildings to Cultural Tourism Experiences
13 Measuring the Image of a Cultural Tourism Destination Through the Collage Technique

Part 4: Interdisciplinary Approaches
14 Ethnographic Research on Cultural Tourism: An Anthropological View
15 From Local to Global (and Back): Towards Glocal Ethnographies of Cultural Tourism
16 Assembling the Socio-material Destination: An Actor-Network Approach to Cultural Tourism Studies
17 Methods in Cultural Tourism Research: The State of the Art

Wil Munsters

Wil Munsters is with the Centre for Cultural Tourism Research, Zuyd University, The Netherlands.

Greg Richards

Greg Richards has studied bats for over 40 years and with Leslie Hall has compiled information Australia-wide and overseas. As professional wildlife scientists, they both have always been fascinated by these animals.