Land-Use Change Impacts on Soil Processes

Tropical and Savannah Ecosystems

November 2015
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    16th November 2015
  • ISBN 9781780642109
  • Language English
  • Pages 200 pp.
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This book examines the effects that land-use changes (notably agricultural intensification, logging, soil erosion, urbanization and mining) have on soil characteristics and processes in tropical and savannah environments. As impacts of land-use change are often site specific, the book covers a range of geographical regions and environments. The effects of land-use change on various aspects of the soil ecosystem from both a chemical and biological perspective will be examined.


1: Land-use Change Impacts on Soil Processes in Tropical and Savannah Ecosystems: An Introduction
2: Effects of land-use changes on Biochemical and Microbial Parameters in Soils of the Andaman Islands, India
3: Evaluating the impact of Oil Palm Agriculture and Logging on Soil Microbial Communities in South-east Asia
4: Microbial Functioning in Response to a Simulated Drought in Malaysian Rain Forest and Oil Palm Soils
5: Impact of Land-use Changes in the Amazon on Bacterial Diversity, Composition and Distribution
6: Acidification of Tropical Soils under Forest and Continuous Cropping in Thailand and Indonesia
7: The Importance of Soil Quality in the Safe Practice of Urban Agriculture in Zimbabwe, Kenya and South Africa
8: Urbanisation and Soil Nutrient Challenges and Opportunities: Lessons from Malawian Cities
9: Impact of Gold Mining on Mercury Contamination and Soil Degradation in Amazonian Ecosystems of French Guiana
10: Erosion and Sedimentation Effects on Soil Organic Carbon Redistribution in a Complex Landscape in Western Ecuador
11: Pastoralism and Kalahari Rangeland Soils
12: Changes in Soil Properties with Sugarcane Cropping in Mauritius
13: Patterns and Drivers of Soil Carbon Stocks And Isotopic Composition in Secondary Tropical Dry Forests of Costa Rica
14: Conversion of Pastures into Tectona grandis Plantations in Western Panamá: Effects on Soil Properties and the Mechanisms Underlying these Changes
15: Land-use Change Impacts on Soil Processes in Tropical and Savannah Ecosystems: Emerging Themes and Future Research Directions

Francis Q. Brearley

Francis Q. Brearley is at Manchester Metropolitan University.

Andrew D. Thomas

Andrew D. Thomas is at Manchester Metropolitan University.