Transformational Tourism

Tourist Perspectives

Edited by Yvette Reisinger
May 2013
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    20th May 2013
  • ISBN 9781780642093
  • Language English
  • Pages 216 pp.
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Transformational Tourism deals with the important issue of how travel and tourism can change human behavior and have a positive impact on the world. The book focuses on human development in a world dominated by post-9/11 security and political challenges, economic and financial collapses, as well as environmental threats; it identifies various types of tourism that can transform human beings, such as educational, volunteer, survival, community-based, eco, farm, extreme, religious, spiritual, wellness, and mission tourism.

"This collection of essays reflects the gradual shift of the tourism literature from the mechanisms of tourism (transportation, hospitality, etc.) to a broad focus on the experience of tourist. The tourist is the focal point of "value-added tourism" in this work, where besides traveling from postcard site to postcard site, the tourist views the experience through a variety of transformational lenses. Chapters, written by contributors from around the world, demonstrate that travel and tourism, "if developed in a proper from, can contribute to human transformation, growth and development, and change human behavior and our relationship with the world." These transformations are explored in sections titled 'Wellness, Retreat, Religious and Spiritual Tourism,' 'Extreme Sports, Backpacking and Cultural Tourism,' 'WWOOFing and Ecotourism,' and 'Volunteer and Educational Tourism.' Editor Reisinger (Temple Univ.) has produced a work that presents these perspectives in a lively, well-written manner. Summing Up: Recommended. Upper-division undergraduate through faculty and research collections


Foreword: Reflections on Understanding and Being in the Tourism World

Chapter 1. Hopeful Tourism: A transformative perspective
Chapter 2. Finding Yourself in Kuna Yala, Panama
Chapter 3. Not 'On vacation': Survival Escapist Travel as an Agent of Transformation
Chapter 4. Returning Home: Reflections on Lifestyle Transformation Resulting from International Backpacker Travels
Chapter 5. Extreme Sports as Transformational Tourism
Chapter 6. Woofing Tourists, Beaten Tracks and Transformational Paths
Chapter 7. Acculturation, re-entry and transformation: The story of a Volunteer tourist
Chapter 8. Wellness Tourism and its Transformational Practices
Chapter 9. Saints in the City of Sin: Performing Religion through Altruism
Chapter 10.Transformational Nature of Spiritual Tourism
Chapter 11.Nearer to God - Transformational Experiences of Short Term MissionTravelers
Chapter 12.The Transformative Power of Yoga Tourism
Chapter 13.The Next Stage of Eco-Travel: Facilitating a Shift through Personal Ethics
Chapter 14.Developing a Tourism Poverty Reduction Strategy
Chapter 15.Travel for Education: A Force for Peace and Cross-Cultural Understanding


Yvette Reisinger

Yvette Reisinger is Adjunct Professor of Business at James Cook University in Singapore. Her research interests include cross-cultural differences in behavior, communication, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism.