Serbia on the Road to EU Accession

Consequences for Agricultural Policy and the Agri-food Chain

June 2012
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    4th June 2012
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Following Serbia's acceptance as a candidate for EU membership, its agriculture and rural issues will receive major attention as agriculture is an important activity in Serbia, especially in the low-income rural areas. This raises questions such as: what will be the main challenges of EU membership for Serbia? What will EU membership imply for the structure and performance of the agri-food supply chain? How should Serbia address the adjustment process to comply with EU rules and face economic market forces best?

This book explores the consequences of preparing for EU accession for Serbia's agricultural policies and its agri-food supply chain. The book presents a comprehensive description of Serbia's agricultural and food sectors, agricultural policies, trade, environmental, animal and plant health issues, and also addresses budgetary consequences of EU membership for both Serbia and the EU.

1. Introduction
2. Serbia's Economy and Regional Income Distribution
3. The Institutional Framework of Serbia and Serbia's Agriculture
4. Agricultural Production, Prices and Trade
5. Serbia's Rural Population and Agricultural Workforce
6. Agricultural and Food Industry Structure
7. Overview of Agricultural, Food, Rural and Structural Policies
8. Serbia's Foreign Trade Position
9. Environment and Agriculture
10. Animal and Plant Health in Serbia
11. Expected Consequences for Serbia of EU entry in 2015
12. Conclusions

Siemen van Berkum

Siemen van Berkum is at LEI-Wageningen UR, The Netherlands.

Natalija Bogdanov

Natalija Bogdanov is at the University of Belgrade, Serbia.