Plant Pest Risk Analysis

Concepts and Application

January 2013
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    9th January 2013
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This text provides instruction on the concepts and application of risk analysis in the field of regulatory plant protection, covering topics such as the background on why and how risk analysis is conducted and specific methods for implementing risk analysis. This book also provides useful exercises and case studies to aid students of plant pathology and crop protection in their absorption of the subject. Equally useful for practitioners, this book is written by experts with a wealth of national and international experience.

"This work endeavors to educate readers on the theory, framework, language, applications, methods, and uncertainties involved in pest risk analysis, and in communicating that risk to stakeholders. The book's 20 chapters, largely written by eight authors from the US Department of Agriculture, focus on the fundamental role science plays in the complex workings of GATT and the interface with the economics and politics that permeate these matters. The scientists are primarily empowered to identify what is known about pest risk and then, by informing other stakeholders/decision makers in this process, take actions on a case-by-case basis. The authors contend that the pest risk analysis has become a sufficiently complex process to now be recognized as an emerging field of study. This book will help students prepare to enter the field and professionals to teach and practice their science in this rapidly evolving era. Summing Up: Recommended."

M.K. Harris, emeritus, Texas A&M University

PART I - Overview of Risk Analysis
1. Introduction
2. Basic Concepts
3. Historical Context
4. International Legal & Regulatory Framework

PART II - Pest Risk Analysis Concepts
5. Information and Terminology in Pest Risk Analysis - PRA
6. Applications of PRA
7. Qualitative & Quantitative Methods

PART III - Components of Pest Risk Analysis
8. Risk Assessment
9. Risk Management
10. Uncertainty
11. Risk Communication

PART IV - Special Topics
12. Special Topics - invasive species, precautionary principle, ALOP, LMOs

Appendix 1: PRA Toolbox and Building a PRA Library, Resources for Risk Analysis
Appendix 2: PRA-related jurisprudence in the WTO

Christina Devorshak

Christina Devorshak is a Risk Analyst with USDA-APHIS-PPQ.