The Host Gaze in Global Tourism

February 2013
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    6th February 2013
  • ISBN 9781780640211
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Most tourism theories have been developed from the tourists' perspective, including the seminal work by John Urry, The Tourist Gaze, which is now a classic text. The Host Gaze in Global Tourism is a unique book for researchers and students as it is the first to look at the gaze from within the host community. It discusses how the gaze is constructed, how it has developed, how it varies between countries and how the tourism industry can affect it. By looking at the gazes of both Western and non-Western hosts, this book analyzes the dynamics of a host destination and consequences the gaze can have upon the tourist.

1. Introduction: Gazemaking: Le Regard - Do You Hear Me?
2. The Scopic Drive of Tourism: Foucault and Eye Dialectic
3. Gaze and Self: Host Internalization of the Tourist Gaze
4. The Thai Host Gaze: Alterity and the Governance of Visitors in Thailand
5. Turkish Host Gaze at Russian Tourists: A Cultural Perspective
6. A Host Gaze Composed of Mediated Resistance in Panamá: Power Inversion in Kuna Yala
7. The Hosts Gaze on Current Christian Pilgrims in Israel: Tour Guides Gazing
8. Picturing Tourism: Conceptualising the Gambian Host Gaze through Photographs
9. You Never Know Who Is Going to Be On Tour: Reflections on the Indigenous Host Gaze from an Alaskan Case Study
10. Looking Down, Looking Out, and Looking Forward: Tibetan Youth View Tourism in the Future
11. Perceived Host Gaze in the Context of Short-Term Mission Trips
12. Couchsurfing through the lens of Agential Realism: Intra-Active Constructions of Identity and Challenging the Subject-Object Dualism
13. Gaze, Encounter and Philosophies of Otherness
14. The Bellman and the Prison Officer: Between Customer Care and Panopticism
15. The Third Gaze: De-Constructing the Host Gaze in the Psychoanalysis of Tourism
16. Real-and-Imagined Women: Goddess America Meets the World
17. Synthesis - The Eye of Power in and Through Tourism: The Banal Ubiquity of Agents of Naturalisation
18. Conclusion

Omar Moufakkir

Omar Moufakkir is with Group Sup de Co La Rochelle, France.

Yvette Reisinger

Yvette Reisinger is Adjunct Professor of Business at James Cook University in Singapore. Her research interests include cross-cultural differences in behavior, communication, and socio-cultural impacts of tourism.