Crop Plant Anatomy

October 2012
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    5th October 2012
  • ISBN 9781780640198
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Divided into four sections covering anatomy in relation to crop management, anatomical descriptions of the major crop plants, anatomical changes in adaptation to environments and the link between anatomy and productivity, this book provides a comprehensive source of crop plant anatomy information. The crop areas covered include cereals, pulses and beans, oil crops and fiber crops. Suitable for students, researchers and professionals in the field, this book brings together economic plant anatomy and crop productivity for the first time.

"The book is divided into four major sections covering the history, techniques, and general aspects of plant anatomy; the anatomy of major crops; anatomy as related to crop adaptation to biotic and abiotic stresses; and anatomy as related to productivity. The section on major crops, the bulk of the book, includes the chapters "Cereals," "Pulses," "Oil Crops," "Fibre Crops," and "Vegetables." The work is well written and illustrated; each chapter contains a reference list, and the index is well organized. Summing Up: Recommended."

D. D. Archbold, University of Kentucky - Choice

Part I - Crop Anatomy as a Subject
1. Origin and Development of Crop Anatomy
2. Relevance of Anatomical Studies in Modern Plant Science
3. Techniques of Crop Anatomy Study
4. General Anatomy of Crop Plants

Part II - Anatomy of Major Crops
5. Cereal Crops
6. Pulses
7. Oil Crops
8. Fibre Crops
9. Vegetable Crops

Part III - Anatomical Changes in Crops under Adaptation
10. Adaptation to Defence against Biotic Stresses
11. Anatomical Adaptation for Drought and Waterlogging Stress Tolerance

Part IV - Anatomy and Crop Productivity
12. Anatomical Adaptation in Crop Plants to Harvest Higher Energy
13. Anatomical Adaptation for Better Reproduction Efficiency
14. Anatomical Basis of Crop Ideotype for Higher Productivity

Ratikanta Maiti

Ratikanta Maiti works for Vibha Agrotech Ltd, Hyderabad, India.

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Pratik Satya is at the Central Research Institute for Jute and Allied Fibres, India.

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Dasari Rajkumar works for Vibha Agrotech Ltd, Hyderabad, India.

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Allam Ramaswamy is at Vibha Agrotech Ltd, Hyderabad, India.