November 2022
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  • Publisher
    CSIRO Publishing
  • Published
    10th November 2022
  • ISBN 9781486315697
  • Language English
  • Pages 32 pp.
  • Size 9.84" x 9.84"
  • Images color illus throughout

Magpie has one job, one desire, one purpose: KEEP THE EGGS SAFE.

Always on alert for danger, will Magpie's determination be enough when rock-carrying intruders arrive?

Why do magpies swoop and why do we have such a fascination with them? Discover more about these clever, cheeky, and charming songbirds through this delightful book.

Reading level varies from child to child, but we recommend this book for ages 5 to 9.


  • An endearing adventure of Magpie and his dedication to protect his nest.
  • Explores why magpies might swoop, and helps readers to understand and be less afraid of this action.
  • Includes fun and surprising facts about this iconic Australian songbird.

Nicole Godwin

Nicole Godwin is an award-winning children's author. She shines a light on environmental and animal rights issues and helps people think more deeply about the interconnected world around them.

Susannah Crispe

Susannah Crispe is an Australian children's book and wildlife illustrator. Largely self-taught, she works primarily in watercolor and digital collage. Susannah studied Art History at the University of Sydney and Zoology at the University of New England.

picture book; magpie; birds; animal behavior; swooping